Gilles Gagnon

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The 32nd annual Casa de Campo Open will takes place this week from the 11th to the 15th of September and will this year be played as part of Gilles Gagnon’s 65th birthday celebrations!

Casa de Campo’s Director of Golf, Gilles Gagnon will also be celebrating his 33rd year working in Casa de Campo, and what better way to celebrate than with the first tournament he founded here – the Casa de Campo Open.

As a jolly, friendly and golf-obsessed French-Canadian, Gilles has developed quiet a golf following over the years with numerous international golfers who return to Casa de Campo year in, year out, to play in the tournaments Gilles has founded.

Now celebrating its 32nd anniversary, the Casa de Campo Open started by Gilles shortly after he first arrived to Casa de Campo, has of course grown and developed over the years. Originally only played on the Teeth of the Dog and the Links, tournament rounds now also tee-off around the Dye Fore, which since 2011 with the opening of the new Dye Fore Lakes, is an impressive 27-hole complex.

Of course nowadays, there are also many more options for celebrating or relaxing in the evenings too. While the program includes a welcome dinner at Minitas Beach, as well as the prize-giving celebration to close the event, the competing golfers on their free nights can choose to dine at La Marina Casa de Campo, relax at La Caña at the hotel Casa de Campo, or head up to Altos de Chavon for dinner, drinks and dancing at Onno’s bar.

Joining Gilles for the 32nd annual Casa de Campo Open and his 65th birthday will be golfers from all across the world;  the USA, Aruba, France, Saint Thomas, Curazao, Canada, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Haiti, Italy, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Australia and also from here, the Dominican Republic.

Although the Casa de Campo Open will be played from the 11th to the 15th of September, Gilles’ actual birthday is on October 17th – so it looks like Gilles is planning an entire month of celebrations! Good for you Gilles, you deserve it!

Happy birthday Gilles and happy golfing to all!

Casa de Campo celebrates 31st successful “Casa de Campo Open” golf tournament!

From Wednesday the 12th to Sunday the 16th of September 2012, the 31st annual “Casa de Campo Open”, the oldest and most popular golf event in Casa de Campo golfing history, organized by the Casa de Campo Golf department and founded by Director of golf, Gilles Gagnon, was celebrated on the Teeth of the Dog, Links and Dye Fore golf courses – with the attendance of more than 200 national and international golfers!

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“Casa de Campo IS my life!” An interview with Gilles Gagnon

Following the miraculous reparation and re-opening of the Teeth of the Dog golf course following the passing of Tropical Storm Isaac in 2012, which closed the Caribbean’s #1 golf course due to damage to tee boxes, greens and bunkers – we got together with Gilles Gagnon, the driving force behind the Casa de Campo golf department, who as Director of Golf has been working at Casa de Campo for the last 31 years.

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