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Last week, culinary enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine dining enjoyed six exciting days at the 1st Annual Casa de Campo Food & Wine Festival, presented by Banreservas and American Express, a premier gastronomic event held from October 17 to 22. This extravaganza featured a wide range of activities, including cooking demonstrations, tastings, and various resort events, making it an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Here’s a breakdown of the different days and activities:

October 17

The festival began with the Invited Chef of the Year Welcome Dinner at the exclusive Minitas Beach, featuring a Dominican-themed buffet and an elegant soiree by the ocean.

October 18

The festivities continued at the Minitas Beach Club Restaurant with the “Invited Chef of the Year Pairing Dinner,” where the seven finalists of this year’s Invited Chef of the Year competition and Josh Guzmán 2023 Invited Mixologist of the Year expertly paired dishes with exquisite wines and spirits, created a sensory symphony.

October 19

This day brought culinary competition and whimsy with the Invited Chef of the Year Cook-off Competition and Night Golf Party on the Teeth of the Dog Driving Range. The evening featured a culinary showdown with the seven finalists and a luminous night golf party under the Caribbean sky, concluding with Chef Josh O’Neill winning the 2023 Chef of the Year Cook-Off Event with his Ahi Tuna Wonton Tacos.

October 20

The Casa de Campo Food & Wine Festival hosted the Grand Tasting Pavilion at the Marina Riverside Center, offering various gourmet offerings, wines, and spirits. In the evening, the seven finalists, mixologist Josh Guzmán, the local chefs Erik Malmsten, Joaquín Renovales, and Victor Langille and celebrity Chef Akira Back showcased their talents at the Minitas Beach Club.

October 21

The Grand Tasting Pavilion at the Marina Riverside Center hosted its second day, offering a chance for visitors to explore a wider range of culinary delights. The day’s highlights included the Invited Chef of the Year Reveal Dinner at the elegant Flamboyan conference center. The event culminated in the crowning of Chef Eric Yeager from Ford’s Colony Country Club as the 2023 Chef of the Year.

The Casa de Campo Food & Wine Festival celebrated the fusion of culinary artistry and breathtaking surroundings, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to savor the creations of renowned chefs while enjoying the resort’s amenities.

The event was more than just about food; it celebrated culture, camaraderie, and creativity. It left a lasting impact on the culinary world and the hearts of those lucky enough to attend. For those who missed this year’s festivities, the anticipation for the next Casa de Campo Food & Wine Festival is undoubtedly high. The festival promises to take gastronomic excellence to new heights.

Stay tuned for more photos that fully immerse you in the Casa de Campo Food & Wine Festival experience. You won’t want to miss it!