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Celebrate “Friendsgiving” with this year’s Best Turkey Competition to benefit the Hogar del Niño

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Hey there, Thanksgiving fans! The Best Turkey Competition is back! Last year the Casa de Campo community members got a head start on the holiday and preparations with a Best Turkey Competition. Though not officially a Dominican Republic holiday, we love to gather friends and family around, cherish our precious time together, give thanks for life’s many blessings, and of course, eat!

This year, the Casa de Campo community will once again get together for Friendsgiving, a blend of Friend and Thanksgiving, where friends get together to share a large meal either on or near Thanksgiving. This THANKSGIVING SHOWDOWN in the form of a BEST TURKEY COMPETITION is a great way to take advantage of the scrumptious holiday, and at the same time support one of Casa’s dear causes, the Hogar del Niño.

On Wednesday, November 14th, a group of residents are putting on their chef’s hats and aprons and competing to see just who can roast the best turkey. This year the group includes some returning and new chefs: Vicky Giha,  Gillian Speiser, Cristina Canela, Liliana Abel, Luci Morales, Amelia Pereyra, Loly Hazoury, and Arturo Vasquez. Cooking a massive 18 lb. bird can be a daunting task but these chefs argue no one does it better than them! A panel of fine judges, Gabriella Reginato, Andrés Pichardo and Jesús Duran Aro will have the final say, but you can come eat your heart out and enjoy the spirited action!

Last year’s event was very successful and crowned Sarah Troncoso as the winner.  How moist is the turkey meat, how crisp is the skin, who has the best presentation? Let’s find out who will be this year’s winner!

Friendsgiving: Best Turkey Competition 2018

When: Wednesday, November 14th

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Where: Café Marietta, Altos de Chavón

Donation: General: RD $3,000  VIP: RD $6,000 to benefit the Hogar del Niño 

Buy your tickets by clicking here.

Best Turkey Competition announces Sarah Troncoso as the winner!

Best Turkey Competition

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without some turkey! Casa de Campo community members got a head start this year on the holiday and preparations with a Best Turkey Competition. Everyone thinks they make the best turkey, so naturally, our fun loving community put them to the test! Despite the rainy weather, residents came to Altos de Chavón last Thursday night for the sold-out competition they had been chatting about for weeks. Continue reading here

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