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5 reasons to make massage a priority

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Casa de Campo SpaWe tend to think of massage as a luxury item- an every once in a while splurge to help us unwind. In reality massage is a great addition to your routine and has multiple health benefits. The more often you can fit a massage into your schedule the better, once a week would be the most beneficial, but every little bit helps. Here are some reasons why they are such a great investment in your health.

Boost Mood

A relaxing massage can help reduce levels of cortisol, which can result in lower blood pressure, and feelings of happiness. It can even help to manage depression by boosting serotonin and dopamine.

Help Insomnia

Studies have shown that massage can affect the brain waves that are connected to deep sleep. If you suffer from regular insomnia having a relaxing massage, especially before bed, even if it’s short will help you fall asleep more regularly. For added benefits try using lavender essential oils during the massage.

Boosted Immunity

Some studies have shown that regular massage can help keep you healthy both through the benefits of lowered stress levels, as well as increased immunity. Studies have linked massage to a better functioning immune system and increase white blood cells, which help fight disease.

Reduced Headaches and Improved Brain Power

A regular massage can help reduce the number of headaches in people suffering from migraines and can also help lower their amount of pain. Even a 30-minute massage can help decrease the pain of a tension headache and may even help boost concentration and brainpower.

Boost Beauty

One of the many benefits of massage is that it increases blood flow throughout the body which can help plump up loose skin and encourage lymphatic drainage which helps draw toxins out of the body and bringing in nutrients to brighten a dull complexion.

jacqueline silvestri banks

Jacqueline Banks, who grew up in Casa de Campo, is a certified holistic health counselor and busy mother. Her focus is on helping other busy moms in all stages of motherhood keep themselves and families healthy and happy.

She uses natural and organic solutions to solve individual health problems and promote clean living.

Check out her website at:

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