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5 easy ways to celebrate Father’s Day all week!

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Happy Dominican Father’s Day to all the amazing Casa de Campo dads! This weekend was all about spending some quality time with the fathers, husbands, brothers and friends that make our lives so special. For the celebration, we danced the night away with some classic Cuban Son at Chinois on Friday and at Onno’s on Sunday. Additionally, we loved visiting our friends in the epic backyard barbecues and dinners in honor of the deserving fathers. But why stop at celebrating for one day? Why not celebrate all week? Here are our top (and easy!) recommendations to celebrate Father’s Day all week!

  1. Take Dad out to the movies!


It’s been a pretty hot Summer and while the barbecues and beach parties are awesome, everyone loves a great movie and popcorn in the super comfy and cool movie theatre at The Marina Casa de Campo! This week, think about treating Dad to one of the movies now showing (you can’t go wrong with Jason Bourne!).

  1. Didn’t get him a special something? It’s always better late than never!

Fathers-Day-1-450x270Everyone loves getting gifts and we are positive Dad does as well! Did you check out our ULTIMATE FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE? It’s pretty handy and easy to spot a great gift. If you order today through TPack (the best courier ever), the gifts can be here this week!

  1. Cook something special

I’m a Tasty fan…those short videos that teach you how to make a decadent recipe in under 30 seconds. Anyone can cook those and so can you! No excuses not to make Dad an extra special and tasty meal. Try this decadent recipe:


  1. Play a round of golf or take him to Night Golf this Friday!


Although the Dye Fore Marina and The Links courses are closed for maintenance, there is plenty of golf to be played in Casa! And if you don’t feel like getting out on the course, then plan on heading over to Night Golf this Friday with Dad. Think of Night Bowling Alley mixed with golf and some insane LED lights all over the place. With the great music playing, BBQ and bar right there, we are positive your father will love the experience.


  1. Event Tickets!


Did you get the Carlos Vives concert tickets yet? They went on sale TODAY! How about the tickets for one of the super awesome Genesis parties coming up? Dad is surely up for enjoying good music so surprise him with tickets this week!

Although Mother and Father’s Day should be celebrated every day, take this week to show the fathers in your family how much you love and appreciate them. With these simple tips it’s easy peasy!
Happy Father’s Day to all the super cool Dads that read Casa de Campo Living!

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