My 30-day exercise challenge

30 day exercise challenge

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30 day exercise challengeI’ve just embarked upon a 30-day exercise challenge and before we start I’ve got 2 confessions to make… 1. I’m using you, and 2. I’ve already cheated – but more about that later.

So what is a 30-day exercise challenge?

Well the idea for my 30-day exercise challenge came from a TED talk on “30-day challenges”, you can watch the video yourself below, but the basic premise is that anyone can do anything for 30-days.

So rather than setting yourself an unobtainable goal like “I will never eat chocolate again”, you could challenge yourself to give up chocolate for 30 days. And seen as it takes 21 days to form a good habit, or give up a bad one, if you succeed in your 30-day challenge, the chances are you will have changed your life for the better. You probably won’t ever give up chocolate for good, but going without for 30 days should teach your body to crave it less… And in my case, while I have no intention on exercising everyday for the rest of my life, I should at least have kick-started a routine that will have me exercising regularly.

My 30-day daily exercise challenge

Over the last few years my excuses for not exercising regularly have been; I’m too busy and I’m tired, although the reality is I’m just lazy – and if I’m honest I’m happy with how I look, so I could never find the motivation. Anyway with that in mind, my 30-day exercise challenge is “to do some form of exercise every day for 30 days”.

However, in the last 6 days since I started I have discovered the “7 minute workout”, (you can watch that video below too). And that’s what I’ll be doing for the next 30-days, after all if I can’t manage a 7-minute work-out everyday, I really am a lost cause!! So far I’m loving it – it’s actually pretty tough and it’s over so fast you don’t have time to complain!

My confessions

OK so back to my confessions:

1. I’m using YOU. Yes YOU reading this. By declaring my 30-day challenge to all you Casa de Campo Living readers out there, I am hoping I will manage to stick with it – so if you see me please ask how it’s going!

2. I’ve cheated already. Well… The challenge is to do “some form of exercise everyday” and on day 1 (Jan. 1st) I counted my exercise as dancing at a New Year’s Eve party… Which considering the amount of alcohol involved perhaps strictly speaking isn’t a healthy form of exercise… But hey no-ones perfect.

The videos

This is the video about 30-day challenges:

And this is the 7-minute work-out video:

P.S Philip is doing a 30-day challenge too – he’s doing 15 minutes of learning Italian (using Duolingo), so if you speak Italian please feel free to test him!

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