Featured Image Sporting Clays 2016

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The Sporting Clays facility at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center boasts one of the world’s tallest “towers” which at 110ft shoots sporting clays up to 135ft into the air and is every year the focal point of the Sporting Clays event of the annual Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament, hosted by J.Pepe Fanjul. The Sporting Clays event took place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of April, with the shooters taking part shooting 100 targets each day to achieve a total high score out of 200. This year, there was an incredible amount of young people participating as well, and some even won! Such was the case for Daniel El-hage: 13 years old, who won Class D of the Sporting Clays Shooting Tournament! See the complete list of winners below. The Casa de Campo Shooting Center, now directed by Gary Salmon — this being his second year running the Sugar Shooting Tournament, centered around the formidable red and white tower, and boasts of more than 200 different stations which catapult the clay targets into the air at different heights, speeds and angles, each one designed to represent the movement of different animals such as pheasants and rabbits. Casa de Campo’s Sporting Clays is highly regarded by everyone and it’s no surprise that it is ranked alongside courses such as “The Blue Ridge Course” of Primland in Virginia, and “The Hill Country Course” of Joshua Creek Ranch in Texas.
The winners of the Sporting Clays event were: Class AA Daniel Culnen Class A Mariano Macias Class B Patricia Culnen Class C Alberto Cocio Class D Daniel El-Hage
Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated during the tournament, and we hope more youngsters decide to join in on the fun next year! See more of the action that took place during this event in the following collection of pictures taken by Alejandro Heredia in the Casa de Campo Shooting Center: