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We are excited to bring you excellent news! The dates for one of our favorite annual events have just been announced. The celebration hosted by Costasur and Casa de Campo for the Casa de Campo villa owners, “Dueños 2019”, will be held from Friday, October 25th to Saturday, October 26th.

And like every year, this celebration just keeps getting better and more exciting. So save the date on your calendars! Because you can be assured that this year the Dueños Weekend will be as fun and fabulous as ever. 

It’s a tradition to mark the beginning of the celebrations with the “Entrega de los Regalos” on Friday, where the villa owners receive goody bags as gifts and are treated to entertainment, food, and beverage provided by the Casa de Campo Hotel.

It is on Saturday however, where all the real fun starts as the day is packed with activities for the whole family and for all preferences. The weekend events include an array of sporting activities like Golf, Night Golf, Golf Lessons, a “Casathon”, Horseback Riding, Shooting, Tennis, Polo, Football Clinics, and afternoons well spent at the Spa, Camp Frost, La Vecindad. At night, after so much exercise and excitement, everybody is in need of some fun, which is why Costasur and Casa de Campo hold the annual dinner-dance-party, to conclude the celebrations and present the awards to the tournament winners. This celebration, which last year was held at La Romana Country Club is one of the Dueños’ favorite activities.

It seems that every year these celebrations just get better and more exciting, so write it down in your calendars and don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE, for although we cannot offer you any specific details at this time, we assure you this year the Dueños Weekend comes as promising as ever!

Save the date for Dueños Weekend 2019

When: Friday, October 25th to Saturday, October 26th

Where: Casa de Campo, La Romana

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