fashion show Altos de Chavon

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On Friday December 12th, we started the evening at the Christmas Café de la Leche, followed by the new collection launch party at V & A jewellery store and the opening of Colectiv@ 5, both activities in the Marina Casa de Campo… but the night didn’t end there as we trotted on over to Altos de Chavón to end the night with a bazaar and fashion show! An event put together by the charitable foundation “Women Together” in partnership with the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum guests enjoyed shopping at a bazaar set up inside the Altos de Chavón Museum, which was followed by a fashion show. The charitable foundation “Women Together” works with the UN to eradicate poverty – by developing and promoting local arts and crafts in developing countries, essentially training local artists to effectively market their products and help them have a bigger audience. Having arrived to the Dominican Republic in 2012, Women Together has been working with local Dominican artisans to help them make a sustainable living out of their skills for creating beautiful accessories. This event not only raised money to help support the cause and their projects in the Dominican Republic, but also served as an opportunity to showcase the remarkable work done by these valuable women. The unique pieces of jewellery included magnificent woven statement pieces using local seeds as center pieces. The fashion show which took place in the magical plaza just outside of the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum served as the perfect showcase for the exceptional accessories and featured fashion created by Dominican designer, Sissy Bermudez. The following collection of photos were taken by Alejandro Heredia at the fashion show for Women Together in Altos de Chavón: