Jeanette Sanchez-Lopez, America Olivo
Last Friday December 12th, following the Christmas Café de la Leche celebration and a quick glass of champagne of the launch party at Veronica & Alessandra, Coletiv@ 5 was opened, an art exhibition inspired by the blue sea and water. Colectiv@ 5 is the joint work of 5 renowned artists of photography; America Olivo, Lowell Whipple, Mary Rosa Jiménez, Thedy Clara Martínez and Ángel Ricardo Rivera, who teamed up to present a quiet remarkable collection, without a doubt the best photography exhibit ever seen at the Marina Casa de Campo. The art exhibition was organized by Fernando Varela, internationally recognized artist and Casa de Campo villa owner. The exhibit is on display at the Espacio 7 Gallery in the Marina Casa de Campo and will remain open throughout the merry Casa de Campo holiday season. To know more about the artists behind the artworks, please click here to check our previous article. Be inspired by the blue sea and pass by Colectiv@ 5, to enjoy of artworks that are being showed just this season. The following collection of images were taken by Alejandro Heredia at the opening of Colectiv@ 5 in the Marina Casa de Campo: 

Colectiv@ 5

Where: Espacio 7 Gallery, Marina Casa de Campo Contact: (809) 951-1846

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