When opening social networks, specifically on Facebook, you will find on top of your profile photo a caption that asks you to add a story, and at times we have asked ourselves ‘which story should I add?’ we go on and search our files to try and find what we consider has been the best one.

I have realized that throughout the journey that is life from the moment of conception, we are all marked by events and situations in diffrent moments of our life that create our history. These events are sometimes painful, insipid, bitter, sweet, dark, passionate, but all together they make up our story, regardless of how those experiences have been, they without a doubt say a lot about our strengths, abilities, intellect, emotions, wisdom, character, courage, that we showed in every event of life. There is a saying that reads: every day has its own story “A story to tell”.

By telling your experiences you leave a legacy, which will be like a testament of life to your children. That legacy will be transmitted from generation to generation, and in that way they will know the good, the interesting, and the sublime of your history, and why not, those that marked us negatively and that do not deserve to be repeated by your loved ones.

A woman came to the world in perfect peace, her habitat was a paradise, all beautiful, pleasant and divine, but one day someone offered her a different world to which she was accustomed to live and said: “This is not everything there is, there is more,” moved by his words she wanted to know that other world, but it was so different from what she knew, there she discovered sadness, grief, deceit, bitterness, darkness, shame, mourning, guilt, pain, anxiety, loneliness, she lost her joy, what made her feel as though she was suddenly falling to her lowest point, she could not believe it, wrapped in her crisis she regained strength, rose like a phoenix, from its own ashes, with her attitude, wisdom, confidence, she disposed to change her circumstances – we can all have a happy ending to our story, we have been created with the ability to change the course of our existence, love and be loved, understanding that we are surrounded by precious stones, that we are daring distinguished, fulfilled, and we carry a light that radiates our being even when others do not want to see the qualities that adorn us.

Why is it important to write your own story?

  • When writing it recognizes the experiences lived.
  • You can identify the feelings that occurred at each stage of life.
  • You develop your own identity
  • You make a catharsis and take out all the damage they did to you
  • You will know who you are, where you come from and where you are going.

What happens when I write my story?

  • I get rid of hidden feelings.
  • My thoughts are renewed.
  • Increase confidence about myself
  • I discover my abilities to fight for what I want.
  • I recognize those characters that are part of my story, that hurt me and I forgive them.
  • I prepare myself and I can change the end of my story.


-Write your story, remember it is a legacy that you leave to your generations.

-Put a title.

-Write with passion, and in doing so: cry, laugh, rejoice, and enjoy that special moment.

“Write your story, do not let anyone do it for you”

This article was contributed by Melen Trinidad De Morales, Therapist, Lecturer, Communicator Family producer and TV program host.