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A winning Sunset Jazz Night at Azimut Café

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This past Friday, the 25th of November, Sunset Jazz Night, hosted by the Azimut Café in the Marina Casa de Campo, once again proved itself to be one of Casa de Campo’s most popular social gatherings. As the relaxing jazz tunes filled the air, more and more guests arrived until the area overflowed with friends, old and new, laughing, chatting and toasting the night away.

Hosts Alice Caslini de Moriconi and Mauro Caslini welcomed everyone to the event and answered questions about the beautiful Chris Craft Catalina 29 that was stationed by the dock visible for everyone to see and explore.


Jazzason play music and included some holiday songs in their repertoire, encouraging all to get into the Christmas spirit. Inside the establishment, the collection from the “Arte y Nautica” project were displayed, showcasing a variety of talent by the students of the Chavón School of Design. Chavón students created colorful, computer generated images for the hull of the Azimut Verve 40 where all stepped out on a creative ledge for an ultra-modern look.

With hulls typically painted white, cream or navy, students generated ideas incorporating flowers, graffiti, and maritime themes. Guests were told if they were interested in customizing their boat with one of these looks they can have the design completed at the IBC Shipyard!


Soon after the start of the event, the winners of the project arrived with two of the school’s teachers: Luis Valverde, who recently was part of the “Artists in Residence Fall 2016” program and currently has an exhibition on display in The Gallery, and Raúl Miyar, professor and chair of the Fine Arts/ Illustration Department at the Altos de Chavón School of Design for the past fifteen years. 

Sahili Albert Vázquez from the Altos de Chavón campus and winner of the 1st place prize, and Vanessa Pastrano from the Santo Domingo campus and winner of 2nd place were led inside along with their teachers to pose for pictures with their designs and were presented with their prize money by Mauro Caslini and Alice Caslini de Moriconi. The school also received a gift – a Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit!


As the night came to an end, many guests dispersed to dinner around Casa de Campo, some choosing to stay in the Marina Casa de Campo, while others headed up to Altos de Chavón. We look forward to the next Sunset Jazz, and in the meantime, view the pictures below captured by Wilfredo Alvarez on Friday, November 25th at Azimut Café in La Marina:

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