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The “Artists in Residence Fall 2016” opening brought our art loving community together

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Last Thursday, November 17th, the talented duo Luis Valverde and Gustavo Fermín launched the art exhibition, “Artists in Residence Fall 2016” with a cocktail at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón.

The impressive creations of these artists were dispersed throughout the walls, and even on the floor, of the first floor of the gallery, where many members of the Casa de Campo community, artists, and students from the Chavón school gathered to enjoy a fantastic evening and meet the artists.


Those present were able to admire a great collection as Luis Valverde’s work was an exploration of serigraphy (silk screen printing) where he worked on different modules, breaking them up and making different combinations of simple shapes – like the triangle, the square and the circle to later go on to create a more complex piece with them. On the other hand, Gustavo Fermin developed a new body of work surrounding issues of value, currency and agents of change, highlighting how they permeate every aspect of society. Working with silicone and coins with different levels of oxidation, he extracted from them the pigment to “color” the silicone. After which he created various pieces using circular fragments of the “colored” silicone, including a Palm Tree, a floor piece and even an LED light installation.

The “Artists in Residence” program aims to foster an educational and cultural exchange between Dominican and foreign artists, who will live and work in Altos de Chavón for three months. During this time they interact with other artists and locals, exchanging experiences and ideas. This dynamic exchange has been able to introduce changes in traditional ways of working with materials and how various techniques can be applied to the many art forms. The artists are able to work on their projects in their own space, resulting in a collective exhibition at La Galería.


The exhibition will remain open to the public until December 12th so take the time to visit these remarkable works, and you might even have the chance to see the artists themselves and learn more about their work and time here.

The following photos were taken by Mariana Heredia during the opening cocktail of the “Artists in Residence Fall 2016” exhibition, on Thursday, November 17th:

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