Carlos Sanchez Criando Carajitos

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Listen up folks! If you want to laugh… and I mean really LAUGH, you cannot miss the DR’s favorite stand-up comedian, Carlos Sánchez, who is coming to Altos de Chavón on June 18th! The witty and sarcastic humorist will present “Criando Carajitos” in Onno’s Bar & Restaurant.  

When we got news of this event at the office everyone went wild. While I have not seen him perform yet, Carla and the rest of the gang rave about him. So let me give you the insider’s scoop of what this is all about. Carlos Sanchez is the country’s most famous stand-up comedian. He and his wife, Paola Tineo, had a baby girl a few years ago and he put together a hilarious show about his experience with a newborn and no nannies to help. The show was called, “Recién Nacido, Recién Parido” (Newly having given birth) and it was a smash hit!

So now that the baby girl is a toddler, Carlos and Paola had a baby boy, and things at the house just keep getting crazier (mind you they also have 3 rescued dogs!). As is tradition, Carlos is now presenting, “Criando Carajitos” (Raising Little Devils) which is all about the mischief, handfuls and super-dad improvisations which are typical of any family raising young kids.

I can only imagine the kind of jokes and stories that are part of the show and I encourage you all to attend and have a good laugh! Space is really limited, so you have to call Onno’s and reserve your table before it gets sold out.

Just to give you a little preview of his kind of humor, here is a short clip from his Instagram of his excellent AND PRACTICAL parenting skills:

Consejo práctico para toda la familia. #MañanaÚltimoShowDePolítica

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Eso es #CriandoCarajitos domingos #6y13DeDiciembre en #HardRockCafé @hrcsd #ParaElQueSeQuedóFuera

A video posted by Carlos Sánchez (@carloscomic) on

If that’s not a genuine and practical dad, I don’t know who is!

Carlos Sanchez was last at Casa de Campo six month ago, having appeared at the CDC Corre for Hogar del Niño in November. Boosting kids spirits, he perked up the crowd before the big run. This month he first appears in Cabarete and Zona Colonial before making his way to Altos de Chavón. Book your tickets to see him right here in Casa by calling Onno’s at 829.761.0290!

Humor 4 Onno’s: Carlos Sanchez “Criando Carajitos”

When: June 18th

Where: Onno’s Bar & Restaurant, Altos de Chavón

Tickets: RD$1,000

Table Reservations:

Onno’s Tel: 829-761-0290