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“One day can change your whole life!” is the slogan for Global Wellness day which falls on the second Saturday of June every year. Staying well and healthy can be quite difficult and that is why support is important. As they say, a thousand mile journey is started with a single step, one day can change everything and help put you on the path of holistic living. June 11th is Global Wellness day, a day to look inward, contemplate, relax, and breathe. That’s why Kyra Montagu is welcoming all to her Boca Chavón retreat to take part in sharing with friends and nature.

As the Dominican Republic’s Global Wellness Ambassador it is something I deeply care about. Wellness can touch everyone at different levels and can be a part of our lives no matter what our interests.

— Kyra Montagu

With a whole day prepared at Ki-Ra, attendees can enjoy a book by the sea pool, take a hike, participate in yoga practices or even ride their bikes. It’s a healthy, relaxing day that everyone can join, and starts off with a cooking class at noon. The practices are free, but contribution for food is always appreciated! Meet new friends and discover exciting ways to use local foods as medicines in your everyday life.

A sunset meditation class will invoke the search and acceptance for personal well-being, while breathing techniques will be practiced in yoga lessons throughout the day to help harness this inward light. As Kyra says, “This is our passion, so we love to share it with everyone.” Global wellness day will offer a light hearted and spiritually healing approach to learning how to be a bit healthier without completely altering your everyday lifestyle or habits. Remember, Global Wellness Day simply implies “living well.”

Ki-Ra’s Youth Summer Camp, a Fun and Enriching Experience for Kids!

Ki-Ra holistic living also offers a Summer Camp for kids, ages 5 to 12 years old, where kids will be able to embrace life’s natural rhythms and holistic living! Places are limited!

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Date: June 11th

Time: 12pm – 8pm; cooking class at noon

RSVP by emailing: info@ki-ra.com


Ki-Ra is a place where you can come and have the experience of holistic living taking as much or as little as you want. Holistic living literally means a way of life that integrates all parts of connecting with nature and oneself; finding your perfect balance of health, fun, relationships with family, friends and the environment, living in nature in a comfortable way and fully enjoying all aspects of your life. The energy here is really peaceful so you can definitely escape if you want to or come and have some healing time with treatments and healthy food, but we are keen to emphasize that it’s meant to be a fun experience so that it remains something that you actually continue to do and enjoy after you leave.

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