Tropical Storm Gabrielle

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Tropical Storm Gabrielle

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Gabrielle has now been “downgraded” to Tropical Depression Gabrielle – click here to read more! 

Despite my optimism that “Invest 97-L” wasn’t going to develop much, yesterday the system did develop… firstly into Tropical Depression 7, and then into Tropical Storm Gabrielle.

So this morning as we wake up to a serene day with slightly overcast skies, it’s important to keep in mind Tropical Storm Gabrielle relatively nearby.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle – The Facts

• The center of Tropical Storm Gabrielle is currently located to the southeast of the Dominican Republic, approximately 200 miles from Santo Domingo.

• Tropical Storm Gabrielle is a low-level tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 40mph. (A tropical depression is “upgraded” to a tropical storm when maximum sustained winds top 39mph.)

•  Tropical Storm Gabrielle is moving slowly 8mph in a north-north-west direction

Tropical Storm Gabrielle – The Predictions

• Tropical Storm Gabrielle is expected to continue moving north – taking a path through the Mona Passage which separates Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

• As Tropical Storm Gabrielle moves north past the Dominican Republic some strengthening is expected – maximum sustained winds may reach 60mph.

• Once north of the Dominican Republic Tropical Storm Gabrielle is not expected to become a hurricane and is not expected to come into contact with any more land.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle

Tropical Storm Gabrielle – how will he affect us?

Of course before a tropical depression, tropical storm or indeed a hurricane actually arrives it really is impossibly to predict what is going to happen, but according to and ONAMET, the Dominican weather …., the following is likely:

• Cloud cover across the Dominican Republic is expected to continue to increase – which seems to be correct as it’s already looking rather overcast.

• Tropical Storm Gabrielle will cause tropical storms and heavy rains all across the Dominican Republic.

• Heavy rain may cause flooding – be sure to prepare your villa with towels around any leaky windows and doors.

• High winds are not expected.

HOWEVER, as I have mentioned before, tropical cyclones are essentially unpredictable. While there can be no doubt that rain is on its way, what will actually happen we will have to wait and see…

While we at Casa de Campo Living will do our best to keep you informed, we recommend the following for keeping extra-informed: – The National Hurricane Centre – The Weather Channel – the Dominican Republic’s official weather warning people (this one is in Spanish)
• Twitter: We recommend following NHC_Atlantic – for regular tweets on hurricanes, tropical storms etc