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What a great way to welcome the weekend! The Patronato Benéfico Oriental along with Aurora Ideas: Espacios and Peperoni Restaurant sure know how to organize a wonderful soiree. This month’s theme was “Tropical” and as the fun-loving community that we are, everybody played along whether it was with flowers on their hair or bright colored outfits. Walking into the restaurant you were immediately welcomed with live music, a refreshing cocktail and immersed in a Tropical environment with beautiful red, yellow and orange flower arrangements on every table, bright colored throw pillows and tropical themed upholstered furniture. The area was overflowing with women excited to spend time with new and longtime friends for a beautiful cause giving unwavering support to the children of Hogar del Niño.  There were delicious and savory hors d’oeuvres to munch on and the waiters were always attentive and provided drink refills to keep the ladies cool during the warm evening that not even the light rain was able to diminish. But nobody felt uncomfortable thanks to how good they felt and how much they were enjoying this monthly gathering! Everybody had fun and posed for pictures with the tropical headpieces that the girls from Aurora had prepared for the event. This event is not only for the Casa and La Romana ladies but also for the whole family, proven by the men and children joining the monthly events. These meetings are a wonderful way to teach kids to help those in needs and support great community causes.  The Café de la Leche monthly events, help provide the nutrition the Hogar del Niño Crib Room needs for over two hundred babies. Each gathering is different than the last, bringing members of the community together for a great cause. We hope that you were able to join in on this one because it was a great one! But if not we will give you a little motivation for next month’s event – it will also be themed and hosted by Idarmis Cucurullo de Velázquez and Lauren Llenas. If you recall, last time they hosted a Café de la Leche everybody had a blast and from what we have heard, we are sure they will do everything they can to raise the bar this time around! Stay tuned for more info on next months event!  See more photos from the Tropical Café de la Leche in the gallery of photos below, taken by Dariana Soriano on Friday, April 13th: