Los Toros del Este

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Los Toros del Este, the local La Romana baseball team yesterday opened their pre-season camp and began training in preparation for their campaign to win their 3rd winter championship.

The franchise “Azucareros Toros del Este” opened their training camp on Monday the 30th of September at the Francisco Micheli Stadium, in La Romana, in preparation for the upcoming 2013-2014 Winter Baseball Championship, which opens on Friday the 18th of October.

Los Toros, who have a new administrative and technical body headed by Luis Emilio Rodriguez, the team’s new president, for the first time in their history begin their training outside the month of October, showing that the organization has a new program of work to meet the challenge of leading the team to the postseason.

The first day of exercises was attended by a large group of players led by Joselo Diaz, stellar reliever who had an outstanding performance in the minor leagues of the United States, as well as promising prospects among which were Cesar Puello, Miguel de los Santos, Jose Capellan and Andy Vasquez.

Warming up exercises on this first day, consisted of narrowing, runs, batting, loose arm and making contact with the new grass of the stadium to acclimatize to the surface where they will play 25 games starting from Sunday the 20th of October.

Felix Francisco, general manager, welcomed the players and audience, and delivered a speech reminding them that the goal is not to participate – but to win the tournament, and they have to give their best to achieve that goal. Also in attendance was the team’s support technical staff; Luis Silverio, Carlos Febles, Julio Bruno, Leonel Vasquez, Frank Gonzalvo, Rafael and Carlos Henriquez Rijo.

Training continued today (Tuesday), and will be held at every day, from 9am in the morning at the Francisco Micheli Stadium.

Casa de Campo Living wish Los Toros the very best with their pre-season training!

Photo credit: lostorosdeleste.com