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In a conference hosted recently on April 8th at the Cacique Conference Center in Casa de Campo, Los Toros del Este baseball team for La Romana, presented the new team President, Luis Emilio Rodriquez, as well as the new board of directors.

Luis Emilio Rodriguez, the Director of the La Romana – Casa de Campo International airport and the La Romana Tourist Port, was also recently elected as President of the Dominican Republic’s Hotel and Tourism Association (ASONAHORES), and now in his new role as President of Los Toros promises to spare no expense to ensure Los Toros del Este team have not only a strong, but dominating presence in Dominican baseball.

It was in January 2011, that the Los Toros del Este were most recently crowned the champions of the Dominican Baseball League – and there is no doubt that Luis Emilio Rodriguez, as the new team President wishes to see the crown returned once again to Los Toros.

“The first thing we will do, thanks to the continued support of Central Romana, is to carry out a series of reparations to the principal areas of the Francisco Micheli Stadium and give all necessary support to the coaching staff, so that Los Toros may once again reach a high competitive level. We will also be re-conditioning all fan areas  for the benefit of our loyal fan base .

It is a big commitment and also a challenge to take the presidency of our team, firstly because I have been given the vote of confidence to continue the work done by Francisco Micheli for the last 11 seasons, in whose management Los Toros maintained a high level of competence, and secondly because this new board takes over with dynamism, passion and desire to win.”

— Luis Emilio Rodriguez, President of Los Toros del Este

Los Toros del Este board of directors

Joining Luis Emilio on the board of directors is Eduardo Martínez-Lima GonzalvoLeo Matos García and Alfonso PaniaguaLuis Catano as vicepresident, Luis Alcántara as executive vicepresident, Abel Mejía as secretary, Ángel Ledesma as treasurer, as well as José Manuel Contín, Ricardo Bello, Juan Julio Báez and Eduardo Vásquez as communications.

As part of the occasion, Francisco Micheli, who served as the Los Toros president for the last 11 years, was awarded a plaque in recognition of his hard work and dedication to the team, from the hands of Eduardo Martínez-Lima Gonzalvo y Leo Matos García, both administrative vicepresidents of the Central Romana Corporation. Visibly moved by the recognition, Francisco Micheli gave thanks for all the support he has received over the last 11 years – during which time he led Los Toros to the Play-Offs in 11 seasons and took home the crown once.

A well deserved recognition for Francisco Micheli

Plans for the future

The reparation plans referred to by Luis Emilio Rodriguez in his speech are related to the renovation of the batting cages and the bullpen, as well as the installation of an automatic video monitoring system. The dressing room, bathrooms and trainers rooms will also be remodelled to Major League standars – to include modern equipment for massage amongst other specialties. Similarly, the pitch will be replanted with new grass and will be equipped with a new irrigation system.

Los Toros del Este was founded in 1983 has won the Dominican Baseball Championship twice and over the last 30 years has had a total of 5 team presidents Otto Goyco, Felipe La Hoz, Arturo Gil and Francisco Micheli.