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Tpack Offers Ocean Freight Shipping Services with partner Translogic

Tpack - Translogic

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Tpack’s convenient shipping services from the United States make it a breeze for your packages to arrive in a timely manner. If you’re still on the hunt for a killer Halloween costume, see our list of suggestions for squad goals with your BFFs here, and order it over the weekend for your package to ship from Miami and arrive to La Romana in just 24 to 48 hours! But say you’re interested in shipping larger items rather than the simple package, Tpack does that too through their partner Translogic!

Maritime transport with Translogic is as easy as Tpack’s airmail; depending on the merchandise, rates are calculated by pound or cubic foot. If the item is less than 100 pounds, the fees come in at $1.00 per pound, but if the item being shipped is a very heavy piece like say a couch, Translogic charges $2.50 per cubic foot. A tax of 18% for ITBIS and 20% for custom fees are additional, paid upon landing. Translogic tells Casa de Campo Living the most common items shipped as sea freight tend to be electronics like TVs, projectors, speakers and amplifiers, but the company is fully equipped to manage large and heavy merchandise. There’s no maximum weight the company won’t do, and the minimum for ocean freight is 30 pounds. 

If you’re redecorating your villa, Translogic is a clear choice for moving objects swiftly. With locations in the USA and Europe, transporting that priceless antique you found on vacation and getting it to the DR is pas de problème!  Every week, containers come in from Miami and Italy, and if your item is say elsewhere in Central America or Asia, they’ll find cargo services with other branches to facilitate the exchange and shipping process for you.

Tpack - Translogic

Translogic even makes storing your freight a piece of cake in their warehouse located close by in Manoguayabo. With a space thats 2,200 square meters, you can rent a storage locker for as long as needed until you’re ready to receive your items at home. They’ll quote you a price to deliver it to your door front, or you can pick up from their warehouse. They ship from the Dominican Republic around the world as well, so contact them for specific pricing in your country of destination. They also offer services in packing with their moving department!

Translogic advocates their services over competitors for their excellent customer service. Their advisory service department provides information, procedures, and banking to those who require assistance, and quickly respond to questions on delivery timetables.  As a company with 13 years of experience in maritime transport, they’ve formulated their business model to operate with modern efficiency. Plus, going on now is a special discount through December! Translogic is offering 20% off on ocean freight more than 100 pounds. So if you have some objects in mind to ship, now’s the time! Contact Tpack and Translogic with the details below to have all your transportation needs met.

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Who doesn’t like to shop, especially online? We couldn’t agree with you more. Why leave the comfort of your jammies and cup of tea if you don’t have to? That’s why we’re thrilled TPack’s courier service is located right here La Romana! With fast service, convenient location, and secure shipping, we couldn’t ask for more. Read more here!


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