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Do you do online shopping? Get to know T-pack! Hassle free, affordable and reliable courier in Casa de Campo!

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Who doesn’t like to shop, especially online? We couldn’t agree with you more. Why leave the comfort of your jammies and cup of tea if you don’t have to? That’s why we’re thrilled TPack’s courier service is located right here La Romana! With fast service, convenient location, and secure shipping, we couldn’t ask for more.

Tpack has over two years stationed in La Romana, in addition to locations in Santo Domingo and throughout the Dominican Republic. They’re located in Calle Restauración right near Cinco Gelato, making them a perfect courier for getting packages nearby in Casa de Campo.

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Already the La Romana location has over 1,000 clients who all are familiar with its impeccable service. Have a package in Miami? In just 48 hours or less, it’ll arrive in the Dominican Republic through their airmail courier service that flies in five days a week. They charge just $175 per pound, and if your package comes in with a few ounces tacked onto the end of it, no worries; they’ll weigh those in and charge you proportionally, never rounding up to the nearest pound. If you’re in need of shipping larger/ heavier items say a fridge or furniture for example, Tpack’s umbrella company, Translogic has all the details taken care of. With a freight container coming in weekly by sea, clients receive the added value of no-hassle and timely service for products no matter how large. Their advisory service department provides information, procedures, and banking to those who require customs assistance, and for members who may not have a credit card for purchasing online, Tpack makes that process easy too – just pop into the location and order your items through their Credit Card Services and pay in cash. Easy!

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Tpack manager and Casa de Campo community member, Gabino Guzman, let’s us in on a special – now through July new members will receive their first package up to 5lbs for FREE! Sounds awesome doesn’t it? An added bonus to making your shopping experience even more fun!

With top-notch services and competitive pricing, we encourage you to sign up for Tpack’s FREE membership and receive all the benefits they have to offer. Subscribe on their website using the details below.


Tpack LogoLocation: Calle Restauración, No.17, La Romana, Rep. Dominicana

Tel.: 809.349.4040

Email: [email protected]


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