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Top 10 things to do in Casa de Campo on a sunny day!

Vin Diesel Minitas Beach, Casa de Campo

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Vin Diesel Minitas Beach, Casa de CampoIt’s summer here in Casa de Campo, and although that means we do get the occasional rainy spell… it is sunny an awful lot, so what TO DO in Casa de Campo on a sunny day?

Given that on a sunny day it is often rather hot, coming up with a sensible list of things to do was harder than I initially imagined… nevertheless here goes!

1. Sunbathe!!

Seem obvious!? Well it is – but where to sunbathe? Here are some great sunbathing location options:

  • Playa Minitas – it’s comfortable, it has great bathrooms and should you wish you can have cocktails and/or beer and food delivered directly to your sun lounger!
  • The Casa de Campo Hotel Pool – all the same reasons as above!
  • Your Casa de Campo Villa Pool – if you don’t have kids and do have a butler, this has all the advantages as above, as well as extra tranquility!

Sunbathing at Minitas Beach by @
sunbathe Minitas Beach, Casa de Campo

2. Play golf

Casa de Campo has 3 excellent world famous, Pete Dye designed golf courses – the Teeth of the Dog, the Links and the Dye Fore. If it’s a nice sunny day, then a round of golf is a great thing to do! But to enhance your sunny golfing experience we recommend:

  • Book an early tee time! Tee times are available for booking from 7:30 AM – if it’s hot and sunny, the earlier you start the better, otherwise you might melt!
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat!
  • Drink lots of water (and maybe a few beers if you’re on vacation)

Casa de Campo golf by @safeaugas
Casa de Campo golf

3. Go shooting

The Casa de Campo Shooting Centre is a great place to be on a sunny day – because it’s shady! You can do a round of “clay pigeon shooting” and you’ll be in and out of the bushes, so you can enjoy the sun, whilst not getting burnt! Click here to read about our fun experience at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center. 

Casa de Campo Shooting Center

4. Go on a boat ride

Everyone LOVES going out on a boat and in general the best time to do this is on a sunny day – the sea will be warmer and more tempting for a swim, you can get a sun tan AND your photos will look cuter! So leaving from the Marina Casa de Campo, where should you go?

  • PALMILLA! The best place to party and/or relax on a boat! Palmilla is a natural swimming pool approximately half hour’s boat ride East of the Marina Casa de Campo.
  • Isla Catalina. Isla Catalina is a more “family friendly” destination and has some nice spots to snorkel. This is a great option if you either don’t have your own boat or if you don’t want to rent one, because the Casa de Campo resort now offers a shuttle service to and from Isla Catalina, and it’s only US$35 per person! Click here to find out more about the Catalina Island shuttle. 
  • Saona Island. Just like Catalina Island, Saona Island is a sandy paradise, a place where you can frolic in the sea all day long!

If you have your own boat / are renting a boat, your captain will be able to take you to any of the above places.

Casa de Campo boating by @cetacane
Casa de Campo boating

5. Relax with friends

After a hard week at work (yawn), the very best thing you can do on a sunny day is head over to a friends house – preferably one with a nice pool, jacuzzi, butler and plenty of drinks and take advantage of their hospitality whilst you alternate between sunbathing, swimming and being sociable.

6. Read

Grab a good book, find a nice piece of shade on the beach, by the pool or even in a nice cool spot in your home and relax!

7. Explore in a golf cart

On a hot and sunny day you may not feel like doing any exercise – like walking, biking, golfing or tennis. So what can you do if you still want to get out and about? Well my suggestion is to hop into your golf cart and take a tour around Casa de Campo. This is fun for tourists and locals alike, if you’re new to Casa de Campo you’ll discover new areas you’ve never seen before and if you’re a local you can just relax and enjoy the scenery – it really is incredibly beautiful, even if you’ve seen it all before! Take a few beers to keep you company and you have the recipe for a nice relaxed afternoon!

8. Head up to Altos de Chavón

If you’re feeling like it’s simply too hot and sunny to be outside, then head on up to Altos de Chavón. Altos de Chavón is the highest point in the resort and as a result is often much cooler. If you’re really looking for somewhere nice and breezy, go chill out at Café Marietta, it’s perched above some shops to the right of the St Stanislaus church and it is without a doubt the coolest place in Casa de Campo!

A sunny day in Altos de Chavón
Altos de Chavon, Casa de Campo

9. Take a beach day!

Because isn’t that what sunny days are made for? Minitas Beach is calling your name…

10. SUP!!

For the active, SUP or rather Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the perfect activity for when its hot and sunny. You’re on the water so you get that cool sea breeze, and when you get too hot you can take a dip in the water and then continue paddling. SUP boards are available to rent from Minitas Beach (click here for all the Casa de Campo water sport options) and if you want an adventure I highly recommend Bayahibe SUP (in Bayahibe!), they do Stand Up Paddle Boarding tours around the coastal area of Bayahibe which is just gorgeous, and they also do SUP-ing on the Chavón river and that’s really gorgeous too! Click here to read all about our SUP-ing experience with Bayahibe SUP.

P.S Vin Diesel loves to SUP at Minitas Beach too… 

vin diesel casa de campo

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