Wine Tips from Alessandro

Wine Tips from AlessandroMore than being an excellent host at Luca’s, Alessandro is also a Sommelier, so the next time you’re out to lunch or dinner at Luca’s Restaurant – Pizzeria, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to consult him on which wine pairs best with your meal. His recommendations and selections are always on point.

To make things easier for us, Alessandro shares his expertise and gives us 10 points to consider when ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant:

1) You must know what you’re going to eat.

a) Appetizers, salads and fish usually go with a young white wine b) White meat (chicken, turkey, etc.) and seafood are accompanied by a white wine or a fresh red c) Red meat goes best with red wine aged no less than 5 years

2) Keep an eye on the bottling date!

a) 1 year for fresh and fragrant white wines b) 5 – 7 years for red wines (My personal opinion is that after 10 years of age, red wine loses body, perfumes and flavors, unless we’re talking about very important wines)

3) Cheese doesn’t get along well with wine unless it’s a Sauternes or Passito.

4) When tasting wines, flavors and fragrances have to be clear and they shouldn’t leave a  strong taste of alcohol in the back of your throat.

If it has these characteristics, we’re probably talking about a not so important, but certainly well done wine.

5) Wine tasting not only helps us to determine whether a wine is good or not, but also to match our wines with our chosen dishes.

6) White wine is served cold, but we must avoid having it come in contact with ice, which diminishes its flavor.

7) Red wine is served at room temperature in large glasses that allow for its proper oxygenation and the development of the perfumes it contains.

8) If you change wine during a meal, keep in mind to start with a simpler wine in order to finish off with a more bodied flavor.

9) Champagne can be enjoyed with all meals.

10) Prosecco or Cava Español are served as appetizers or to finish a meal.

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