Beloved readers, I will start this article referring back to the song performed by the Dominican singer Niní Caffaro, entitled “Por Amor” (For Love). Written in several languages, its author Rafael Solano affirms, that “it is a simple song” and I say simple, with great content “For love, men were created on the face of the earth. For love there are those who have wanted to give a star ” A star that glimpses in the firmament, that a person full of love feels as though they are able to reach it and place it at the feet of the one they love.

The heart is turned on
It is in the heart that emotions and feelings settle, they make us vibrate with passion, sparkle, spark, its a feeling that ignites a fire, and at the same time helps us to endure and wait for someone who can not understand the strength of a heart that is in love, and is capable of surrendering itself whilst it waits that the flame of that heart also ignites.

Simply for Love
“For love I am of you; And I will be all my life; As long as I live for I am of you; For love, for love, for love” simply for love, so in this way, someone stole our heart, when we least expected. “Love as strong as death” that when it arrives, no one can overcome it, but it does not measure race, color, or creed, only loves.

The strength of love.

Juan, a brave young man, firm, wealthy, did not look at the outside of a young girl with clear eyes and tender looks that passed him by the front, he only felt the beat of his heart that was going towards her and like a magnet he managed to attract her, and conquer it. They got married started their lives, and began to live the stages of marriage.
In its first stage (0 to 2) Young Love: they managed to transition and adapt, together they enjoyed the one and the other, making their life projects. In the second stage of (3 to 10) realistic love, there they revealed their fears, they had three beautiful boys. They learned to understand that they were not perfect. Third stage (11 to 25) Stable love. They were firm, they knew each other very well, they understood each other, they made mistakes and each were forgiven. In the fourth stage (26 to 35) Love renewed. The empty nest, the children left, it was time to renew, to see each other again, to have more time for each other. And to keep love pure. Fifth stage of (36 a ………) Transcendent love. Here love must transcend, strengthen, find out that makes them happy, be more patient and understanding. At this stage the wife had an illness that gradually changed the direction of their lives, the surprised husband could not understand what was happening, he suddenly realized that his beloved was forgetting where she put things, his efforts to find a solution, but they were in vain, a disease called Alzheimer’s disrupted his life. He found strength, fought, hoping that she would heal. She became a girl, she traveled to her past world, in which he was not a part; However, it did not change his heart, but as the days passed, he was firmer, more loving and affectionate, became her Achilles heel, accommodated her, kept her company, and fed her, his desire to keep her alive gave him hope, he let her know that: “Someone, for love was once at Calvary with a cross lying down and gave his life and soul. To give us life in abundance.

Love like no other!  
This man had to exercise and cultivate a love out of feelings and passion, take it every day to a level of strength to prevent it from crumbling, being sensitive, humble, and warm was his actions every day, during the life of his wife.

What is love?
Love, goes beyond feelings, love is to be strong for our beloved, is to be there when I need you, is to warm each other in the bedroom, is to listen with our ears and heart, is to be with you at all times, is to live together without anything to tarnish us, it is to discharge that energy even when the winds seem contrary. It is making you smile. It’s cleaning your tears when you cry,  it’s to be here when you need me. It is to give everything in exchange for nothing, is to close the circuits of conflict, without repressing anger, is forgiving whenever necessary. It is to say “You are my love” and difficulties will not change that.

Juan’s love went with her to the grave. He did not harbor anger in his heart, but with freedom of the soul he knew how to love, and a body without life could taste the love with a smile, and say:loved “I have certainly loved you” then he said his goodbyes.

My recommendation:
Take advantage of each day and express your love: Say “My dear, I love you above all that we can not see, above what we can not know” (Federico Moccia). And as the song with which we started says, sing to them: “For love the waters are confused and in the fountain you kiss and in the wings of the butterflies the colors are created. For love I am of you and I will be all my life as long as I live for love I am of you. For love, for love, for love.” Long live love!

This article was contributed by Melen Trinidad De Morales, Therapist, Lecturer, Communicator Family producer and TV program host.