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The Altos de Chavón Regional Archaeological Museum opened the exhibition of nativity scenes “Advent” last Saturday, November 26th, made by Pedro Méndez, Roosevelt Méndez, and Cayuco, which are bearers of a colonial and Catholic tradition in the Dominican Republic, who, through their pieces carved in wood, polychrome, assembled, sculptural, in brass and recycled material, transmit that expectation that fills Christmas with hope.

Roosevelt Méndez and Pedro Méndez present a collection of clearly differentiated Nativity scenes: Roosevelt works popular art, carving his pieces which arise from original trunks and polychromes, naive figures surrounded by animals full of tenderness and candor, transforming into rustic Nativity scenes and traditional; Pedro Méndez works with a collection of elegant, modern and interesting minimalist Nativity scenes, with pure lines and soft colors, where the lines make up the beauty of the message.

However, the proposal by Genaro Reyes (Cayuco) presents nativity scenes in boats or cayucos, representing Advent in each family that emigrates, in search of a new life, facing the harshness of the sea and rejection, like what happened to José and María in his long walk, making us reflect on the essence of those who emigrate and that is reflected in the birth of Jesus, in the hope of a new opportunity.

Both the Méndez and Cayuco evoke the tradition of the 16th century, bringing this custom to our days and placing them in popular religiosity.

These exponents work on Dominican popular religiosity in a very special way, crafts and sculpture in wood and recycled materials.

The exhibition will be open until January 8, 2023, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm at the Altos de Chavón Regional Archaeological Museum.