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The Altos de Chavón Gallery will present, from Wednesday, July 17 to August 12, the exhibition of the outstanding Venezuelan artist in the area of ​​sculpture, Javier Miranda.

Javier Miranda, at a young age, begins to take an interest in the ancient art of folding paper called Origami, originating an inclination for series, repetitions, folds, diagrams, use of lights and shadows to create the illusion of movement or displacement.

The artist advances towards the constructivist, toward the concrete, the abstract, the Madi, the minimalist, in short, his folds explore, search within his artistic process marked by mathematics; conceiving dynamic elements of vibrant shapes and colors. His sculptural pieces express a metaphorical potential of forms through the simplification of the object, managing to create his own aesthetic alphabet full of atmospheres, of complex spatial and architectural relations.

This exhibition consists of a total of 30 pieces created by the artist, where his contemporaneity is based on the appropriation of the new dimensions of the world, a world that has lost its center, a world that replicates, that decomposes and recomposes, that it is cloned, which constantly multiplies itself, and Miranda knows how to master the reinvention of this rich, dynamic and harmonious universe.

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In his Cartesian and structural work, the artist adds three-dimensional modular elements in series, which change, rotate or remain static, uniformly with variations of angles, sizes or colors generating the effect of rhythm and tension, creating a brilliant visual encounter, that evolves through movement, changes in light and the viewer’s position in relation to it, conceiving a dynamic surface that transforms these structures into sensations.

Each sculpture works individually or together, presenting a complex purity and absolute simplicity. A contemporary artist like Miranda, uses science constantly to design geometric constructions, with them develops new patterns of folds, shapes and different textures from the exploration of other materials such as copper, wood, bronze, mono or polychrome metal. When studying his works a constant appears: the representation multiplied infinitely at different scales and without any piece losing its identity, each being a universe in itself.

The idea of ​​abstraction is a vital part of contemporary art and the artist continues to research and develop proposals full of great conceptual load, since the notion of abstract art leads to conceptual art, that is, art as an idea, to art as action.

Written by: Lunes Rodríguez Coronel
Docente e Investigador de Arte Latinoamericano en la Universidad de Carabobo 


Plastic artist graduated from the Arturo Michelena School of Plastic Arts, in Valencia – Venezuela. Icon of paper folding in the country, representative in Japan of Venezuela for nine years in the area of ​​origami, exponent in fourteen origami conferences worldwide. Professor at the University of Carabobo in the Faculty of Science and Technology, 2008-2012. Illustrator for different media in the city of Valencia – Venezuela and director of the Magazine 360 ​​° Tourism and Recreation, Year 2009 – 2015. Valencia – Venezuela.