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tennis Casa de Campo

There is nothing worse than losing a point, game or even a match through a double fault.

Follow (and practice) these simple techniques to improve your serve.

1. Think of serving like throwing a ball. Always bring your elbow as far back as possible, this will allow you to swing and hit the ball with all your strength.

2. For the singles match, you must try to enter the ball at least 70% of the services, and for a doubles match, at least 90% of them.

3. Cut volley; you twist your wrist and take it back in a way that the racket remains above the ball, then swing forward before the ball reaches its apex kind of “cutting” or shorting the ball’s trajectory and as a result reducing the speed of the ball.

4. Half volley; the racket it’s located really low and perpendicular to the floor, the ball is hit immediately after it bounces with a firm indirect pass lifting it up enough for it to pass the net and gets to the bottom of the court.

Emilio Vasquez

Emilio Vasquez
Director of Tennis, Casa de Campo

Emilio Vasquez represented the Dominican Republic in the XVII Central American and Caribbean Games celebrated in Santo Domingo in 1974 and was inducted into the Dominican Sport Hall of Fame in 2005 for his many contributions to the tennis in the Dominican Republic. He has been part of the Casa de Campo team since 1980.

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