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A few years back we published a short series called, Computer Advice by Moises which broke down terms that most weren’t very familiar with. The series was very successful, so we decided to bring it back! A few years ago, Moises Alberto Milford used to work as the Altos de Chavón School of Design’s Computer Lab Technician. After two years he decided to work for himself and with the help and support of well-known villa owners such as Phyllis Berney, Judy Fleishman and Fatima Renedo, he quickly became a conversation topic at many Casa de Campo dinner tables.

Technology is here to stay and this is why every two weeks we will post an article, written by Moises, which will help you deal with this growing monster called the Tech World!!

Technology has changed tremendously in Casa de Campo in the past years. We now have a more tech savvy community and touch pads installed on golf carts. We also have up to 100 megabits of internet speed available at a competitive price. The combination of demand and offer has brought technology to our piece of paradise on earth in  such a way that we are able to see more smart homes being set up. 

A smart home is one that has electronic equipment that can be controlled by a computer or cellphone. These range from a light bulb to an AC unit, to a stereo music system. The cost of having this fabulous magic (as some casa residents some times call it) is diminishing everyday, making it easier to make the decision of investing in its use. 

This article and others to come will give you an insight of the interesting world of tech in casa and how to use it for your pleasure, convenience, security, work, vacation and even for your
health. Let’s start with the basics:


In Casa de Campo, villa owners and guests have a few options to choose from in regards to the internet speed. But, which is the best speed for you? That will depend on your online activity. For most homes in casa, 30 megabits is enough. Video watching for two devices simultaneously is possible, voice and video calling and music streaming as well. However 30 megabits will limit the amount of users, so when the service is used simultaneously by more than five devices a significant decrease in performance will be noted. For those that will only do emails with only a few pictures to attach, the 2 megabits service will do just fine. For the ones who need a little bit more power, the 100 megabit service is the way to go. At this speed you, your loved ones and guests will enjoy movie streaming, music listening, video conferencing, security camera system remote viewing and a long line of tech activities that depend on a good internet speed.

Your home network

Ok so you have an internet service installed but when in the bedroom or pool side there’s no connection. What is the problem? Well we now have to take that internet signal and distribute it around the house. This is what we call a home network. Having a home network is now more important than having a telephone land line in the house. People can now live without a land line and even without cell phone service, but not without internet. There have been situations where villa renters change their minds about renting a particular property because it has no internet service. This should not happen. Your home network is the foundation to building a smart casa. In our next article, we’ll bring you information about the next step in making your casa into a smart casa. Stay tuned!!

This article was written by Moises Alberto Milford

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To read more about Moises and his history as Casa de Campo’s unofficial computer and technology expert, click here.

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