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Meet Moises: Casa de Campo’s unofficial computer support and tech guy!

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Are you a computer genius? No!? Me neither, but don’t worry, Moises, Casa de Campo’s unofficial computer support and tech guy is here to help! Read on to find out more about Moises and how he can and will help you make sense of the confusing, mystical computer world!

Moises Alberto Milford calls himself the”Casa de Campo Villa Owners personal Tech Guy.” After two years of working for the Altos de Chavon School of Design as a Computer Lab Technician, Moises decided to work for himself and with the help and support of well-known villa owners such as Phyllis Berney, Judy Fleishman and Fatima Renedo, he quickly became a conversation topic at many Casa de Campo dinner tables. Being heralded as a friendly computer genius – Moises is a young guy who talks (and writes) perfect english, knows his way around the computer and doesn’t charge a fortune to fix and teach how to use the complicated machines.

For the last 8 years, Moises has been the preferred the computer guy of many Casa de Campo villa owners; Kofflers, Creeds, Ericksons, Iselins, Siegels, Chattmans, Kargmans, Bermans, Demkos, Zuckermans and the Zelnicks just to name a few!

Technology is here to stay and this is why every two weeks we will post an article, written by Moises, which will help you deal with this growing monster called the Tech World!!

Moises first 2 articles will be:

• ‘HELP! I have no internet’ – what to do when the internet disappears!
•  ‘The Ipad: to buy or not to buy?’ – it seems that everyone has an Ipad, so you need one too?

If you have any questions or topics you would like Moises to cover in one of his future articles please leave a comment below or email us on:
[email protected]

NEED HELP? Contact Moises on:

[email protected]

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