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A few years back we published a short series called, Computer Advice by Moises which broke down terms that most weren’t very familiar with. The series was very successful, so we decided to bring it back! A few years ago, Moises Alberto Milford used to work as the Altos de Chavón School of Design’s Computer Lab Technician. After two years he decided to work for himself and with the help and support of well-known villa owners such as Phyllis Berney, Judy Fleishman and Fatima Renedo, he quickly became a conversation topic at many Casa de Campo dinner tables.

Technology is here to stay and this is why every two weeks we will post an article, written by Moises, which will help you deal with this growing monster called the Tech World!!

Music has been part of the world’s culture for ever. Like everything else, technology has improved the way music is played, the way it sounds and the way we listen to it. Today we’ll focus on the way we listen to it.

For those who still listen to Compact Discs or CDs, that old but great quality Bose system is still the best. However there are other more up to date options, such as the multi room wireless streaming speakers – don’t worry, they are not as complicated as it sounds. Below are two great options for home or travel.

SONOS speakers.

Sonos speakers are hi end WiFi streaming devices, which allow the user to send music from a smart phone or tablet wirelessly. With services like Pandora, Spotify and amazon audio, just to name a few, we have tens of thousands of albums to choose from. The speakers come in different sizes and prices.

The sonos play 1: At $150 dollars it is the best speaker of its size in delivering exceptional sound. This speaker can fill most rooms with the music of your choice. If you decide to get the pair then you’ll experience a true stereo system. Or you can place one in the bathroom and the other anywhere you wish. They are capable of playing simultaneously or separately, the same song or different songs on each speaker. Sonos allows for you to add more speakers to your home audio if you so desire. The play 3, play 5, playbar are other speakers in their line of products.

Another way to connect to your wireless speakers is using Bluetooth, a short-range wireless communication technology that allows devices such as mobile phones, computers, and peripherals to transmit data or voice wirelessly over a short distance. The purpose of Bluetooth is to replace the cables that normally connect devices, while still keeping the communications between them secure. It is great for traveling, pool side or for the beach. 

The SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker by Bosé

Priced at $199. This small but powerful rechargeable speaker can give you up to 12 hours of non stop music. The sound link Revolve Bluetooth speaker from Bose is engineered to deliver deep, loud and immersive sound in every direction. Place it in the center of the room to give everyone the same experience.  The Tapered cylindrical shape makes this wireless speaker easy to grab and go. Its durable aluminum body provides worry-free protection, and its water-resistant design lets you keep the party going, even if it starts to rain, but I would recommend not to over expose it. Distance is a factor with this technology. The best Bluetooth speaker will allow for a 20 to 30 feet gap between cell phone or tablet and speaker. So don’t go to far.

There are many other speakers out there that will do the job, your budget will determine which one you get. Happy listening and until next time!

This article was written by Moises Alberto Milford

To read more about Moises and his history as Casa de Campo’s unofficial computer and technology expert, click here.