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Team Tenis RD 2018 Tournament returns to Casa de Campo THIS weekend!

Tennis is making a comeback in Casa de Campo and it’s stronger than ever! This weekend, La Terraza Tennis Center will be hosting for the second consecutive year the second competition for Team Tenis RD. Team Tennis has its origins in the United States when the professional league was founded by Larry King, Dennis Murphy, Fred Barman, and Jordan Kaiser in the year 1973 under the name, World Team Tennis.

In the Dominican Republic, the league began in 2014 with the main goal of regaining the competitive spirit among clubs by replicating the model used in the USA. The Team Tenis RD league, based in Santo Domingo, plays using a doubles format and each team participates with 24 players (22 in the women’s division). These teams are separated into four categories to compete against other clubs or teams; among which include: Santo Domingo Country Club, Santo Domingo Tennis Club, Team Master, Club Naco, Club Arroyo Hondo, Team Las Praderas, Centro Olímpico, Club Banreservas, Unión de tenistas del centro olímpico (UTECO), Club Dominican Fiesta, and others.

This is the second year in which Team Tenis RD, which had been dominated by men, includes a female division which was officially incorporated for the FIRST time last year in the first stage of the competition! After a very successful event last year, it is to no surprise Casa de Campo will be hosting them this year again! The tournament that will play at La Terraza Tennis Center will definitely be a very exciting competition to watch. This year’s first stage was played back in March resulting in Team Naco winning the men’s division and Team Master winning the female division. We hope you all will go out and support the amazing players participating! We can’t wait to see which teams will win this time around! 

 Best of luck to all, and see you on the courts!

2nd Stage of the Team Tennis Cup 2018

Where: La Terraza Tennis Center, Casa de Campo

When: June 2nd and 3rd

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Learn more about Team Tenis RD on Social Media: Facebook Team Tenis RD and Instagram teamtenisrd

La Terraza Tennis Center hosts Team Tennis RD 2017’s second tournament!

Team Tennis RD at La Terraza

Casa de Campo may be most well-known for golf and for good reason but we’re not about to discount its other popular pastimes like polo and tennis! The success of the Polo Challenge RD for the past two years has intensified the resort’s reputation for its attractive sporting life and polo in the Caribbean in general. Now, tennis is following suit more than ever after its first Team Tennis RD tournament at La Terraza last weekend. Continue reading here.

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