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Someone once wrote: In spite of everything, life is beautiful! This phrase leads us to have an idea that even though we may be going through unpleasant situations we should still, keep our senses activated and enjoy the beauty that we have around us: beaches, mountains, trees, the singing of birds, a child’s laughter, the smile of an old man, the tender gaze of someone we do not know, however; It is no less true that sometimes we lose focus on everything because our mind begins to wonder and overthink on the changes that the world has gone through and it disconnects giving way to sadness, loneliness, daze, while a monster forms in our head, which easily leads us to fall into anxiety, depression, mood, and sleeping disorders, paralyzing us in such a way that it neglects the purpose for which we live for while life continues its course.

Does the mind get sick?

Of course, it does, and we are all responsible for taking care of it. A man once said: “My mind is mine and nobody else’s, therefore I control it!” We are beings with intellectual capacities, hence the perception of Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want from life? These and other questions help organize the great ideas that are generated in the mind through thoughts to execute them in the middle of the processes, without damaging them.

How to take care of it? 

In 1946 the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed the following: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of affections or diseases.” You may not feel pain in the body, but you can easily be on the verge of losing your mind, therefore, it is necessary to identify the thoughts that come to your mind and how often. Every year on October 10 The world day of Mental Health is commemorated as a way to raise awareness that “It is a personal and individual commitment” it is a good reason to live.

The importance of having mental health. Am I responsible for my mental health?

Of course. Being balanced when life seems to have taken a turn and creating situations that can dominate you, you just have to use your intellectual abilities well: Being disciplined, creative, authentic, aware of your dreams, and capable of surviving against any threat. The mind can easily get sick, the world lives under a pandemic that has caused confinement, stress, deaths of family and friends, rebellious children, loneliness, separation, divorce, fears, inability to resolve conflicts, loss of sleep, phobias, uncontrolled impulse; If you identify any of these within you, it is good that you seek psychotherapeutic help before it is too late.

Tips to take care of your mind:

  • Exercise at least three times a week.
  • Identify if you have stormy thoughts.
  • Read a good book.
  • Try to have friends who talk about good and positive things in life.
  • Talk to a healthcare professional if you feel like something different is happening to you.
  • Avoid loneliness.
  • Pray. 
  • Organize your life, prioritizing your chores according to the order in which they should be performed.

Wayne Dijer expressed: “Our mind conditions our behavior and therefore our health”

Let’s take care of ourselves! We were born to be happy, it’s a good reason to live and we get it from our mind. A healthy mind!

This article was contributed by Melen Trinidad De Morales, Therapist, Lecturer, Communicator, Producer and TV Show Host.