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Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh, Taiwan Minister of Transportation & Communication visits Casa de Campo

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rebecca_hughes_philip_silvestriPeter Bonell Casa de CampoOn Friday the 13th of September, shortly following the Café de la Leche gathering / celebration at La Cantina in Altos de Chavón, we (Philip Silvestri and I – Rebecca Hughes) joined the Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh, Minister of Transportation and Communication of Taiwan, for dinner at La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo.

Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh, Minister of Transportation and Communication of Taiwan and his group visited the Dominican Republic from the 11th to the 16th of September with the aim of investigating how to promote tourism between the Dominican Republic and Taiwan.

Visiting the principal tourist destinations of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh, who was joined by Tomás Ping-Fu Hou, the Ambassador of Taiwan in the Dominican Republic arrived to Casa de Campo earlier that same day, accompanied by a variety of Taiwanese visitors; travel agency and airline representatives, a yacht manufacturer, as well as various journalists and cameramen.

During their time in the Casa de Campo resort, the group enjoyed a tour of the property, visiting the Pete Dye designed golf courses, as well as meeting Peter Bonell, Chief Marketing Officer at La Caña by Il Circo in the heart of the Casa de Campo hotel.

Visiting the Dye Fore golf course, Casa de Campo
Dye Fore Casa de Campo

Philip Silvestri Andres FernandezThe dinner at La Casita was delicious, as always, and turned out to be a wonderfully jovial affair, with endless toasts with a cheer of “chin chin” (rather than “salud” or “cheers”). Also in attendance at the dinner was Daniel Hernandez general manager of the Casa de Campo hotel and Andrés Fernandez, representative of the Casa de Campo – La Romana port and airport.

Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh, Minister of Transportation and Communication of Taiwan also took the time to visit the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame located just a few steps from La Casita restaurant on the Paseo del Mar in the Marina Casa de Campo. Accompanied by Roberto Weill, Founder and President of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame (Sálon de la Fama del Béisbol Latino), Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh enjoyed a brief tour of the headquarters and was enthusiastic to hear all about the project’s future plans which include the construction of a “Baseball Town” – to include a stadium, baseball academies, a medical centre and of course the  Latino Baseball Hall of Fame museum.

Visiting the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame with Roberto Weill
Roberto Weill Latino Baseball Hall of Fame

As Dr. Kuang-Shih Yeh confirmed “baseball is the national sport of Taiwan”, so perhaps we can expect more visitors from Taiwan in the future?

Philip Silvestri Andres Fernandez

The Taiwain Acrobatics Show in Altos de Chavón 

taiwan acrobatics altos de chavon

Remember this?

WOW! The Taiwan Acrobatics Show in Altos de Chavón was absolutely awesome! The show was varied, fun, captivating and action-packed, so much so that it could more accurately be described as a Circus, rather than just Acrobatics!

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