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We sell…

WE SELL VIAGRA, CIALIS WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. This sign was hanging at the pharmacy at the Casa de Campo Marina. Just in case you are curious, it is not uncommon to be sold over the counter as in the resort alone there are at least half a dozen places that sell this stuff (including Minitas beach)…. […]

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So frickin Cool…

Yes I am. But at the moment, I’m actually talking about the weather, which has been surprisingly cool. That’s right, cool… or as us locals like to call it, FRICKIN FREEZING. Naturally, it all depends on your point of reference, if your from NYC or somewhere there abouts, you’ll think I’m insane for saying that […]

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El Pescador… Wow!

I am impressed. I mean really impressed. I mean wow! The restaurant at Casa de Campo’s private Minitas Beach, el Pescador, has gone through a major renovation since last year. Literally night and day. Lets start with the decor…. it rocks! It looks so much better! Furnished with modern furniture from Dedon (which also happens […]