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Yes I am. But at the moment, I’m actually talking about the weather, which has been surprisingly cool. That’s right, cool… or as us locals like to call it, FRICKIN FREEZING. Naturally, it all depends on your point of reference, if your from NYC or somewhere there abouts, you’ll think I’m insane for saying that the weather in Casa de Campo is cold, when in fact, I am merely referring to a slight 4 or 5 degree drop in temperature. So for me its cool.

Mind you that after having survived Boston weather for several years, I should have no right to call this cool. Though. For me it is… but nevertheless it is absolutely wonderful. In the day I would describe it as just the right touch of refreshing, while at night it drops another degree or two. If, like me, you are a local you may need to consider putting on a sweater. If your from out of town, slacks and a polo shirt should keep you plenty warm in the evenings.

One great thing about this weather, is that it will give you a great opportunity to cozy up with that special person… you know, to get a little warmer.