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I am impressed. I mean really impressed. I mean wow!

The restaurant at Casa de Campo’s private Minitas Beach, el Pescador, has gone through a major renovation since last year. Literally night and day.

Lets start with the decor…. it rocks! It looks so much better! Furnished with modern furniture from Dedon (which also happens to have a store at the Marina). The ambiance is still casual, but a lot more refined and elegant. 

Casa de Campo has also gone ahead and built a few private ‘bungalows’ for dinning, introducing a new concept which is simply spectacular! Each bungalow consists of two main areas, the ‘living area’ and the ‘inning area’. Living area?, you ask… yes. Think of it as a the living room at your home… when you and your guests arrive at the restaurant, instead of heading straight for the table, you have a little area with couches and chairs to sit in, have a few drinks, look at the menu and relax. Once your done with dinner, you can go back for an after dinner drink… or two… or three… you get the idea. This concept really adds a fantastic touch to the vacation (or anytime dinning) experience. All of the bungalows overlook the Caribbean sea, the white sand beach, and of course, the heavens…. the view is nothing short of spectacular.

Ok, the atmosphere is nice, what about the food, right? Well, let me say simply that as far as Casa de Campo goes, the food is second to none. I would say that the food is without a doubt the best in the entire resort! Naturally, this is not difficult to imagine, as they have the chef from New York’s legendary ‘Le Cirque’.

During my last dinner there, I was able to try a wide assortment of delectable dishes… and was stunned by how good everything was. The fresh seafood, the perfect calamari, the lobster spider roll (no rice), the ceviche with juicy papaya, the river shrimps… so much still left to try.

Don’t worry, I will be back and I will give more details. For now however, it is clear that the Pescador is number one in terms of unique dinning options in Casa de Campo and is perfect for sharing a relaxing evening out with friends, or for a romantic dinner for two.

So I say again… WOW… that was unbelievably good.