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Taekwondo United DR held a series of ‘taster’ Taekwondo classes a few months ago in June at the La Romana Country Club gym in Casa de Campo. Following the success of these classes and having gained a group of committed Taekwondo followers, classes will restart next Monday the 7th of September. Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday, from 5pm – 6pm for 4-12 year olds and from 6pm-7pm 13 year olds and over (including fun-loving adults!)

Taekwondo United, DR is run by Mylyn Vedel, her husband Peter and daughter Angel, who not only run these Taekwondo classes but also compete in Taekwondo competitions. Over the summer Taekwondo United, Florida participated in the US National Championship in Fort Lauderdale. This is what Mylyn had to say about the competition:

“The total number of participants exceeded 2500. Angeline Vedel performed in the 6 – 7 year old division, where she took 2nd place out of 13 girls. Taekwondo United brought a total of 21 students. The group totaled 14 medals; 5 gold, 3 silver, and 6 bronze.

It was a great tournament. Everyone had a lot of fun. Being held in Fort Lauderdale, it gave access to great shopping and dining after the tournament. Taekwondo United is very pleased with all the support the family members showed during the event.

The US Nationals takes place every year, and is one of the biggest Taekwondo event on a National level. Next year the event will take place in Orlando, Florida. This event will be exceptional taking the location in consideration.”

Taekwondo United, DR hopes to expand so that members will be able to take part in similar competitions here in the DR.
Need more information? Please contact Mylyn at 809 299 7511.