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The Cygalle Healing Spa in Casa de Campo is offering a wide range of very tempting discounts and packages, exclusively for Casa de Campo villa owners! On offer are Cygalle signature massages and facials and aromatherapy treatments and wraps and so much more, the options are endless!

As part of the launch of these fantastic new discounts and packages, the Cygalle Healing Spa generously invited me to spend an afternoon at the Spa to experience a little of the Cygalle magic for myself, an afternoon which turned into several hours of pampering, relaxing and generally indulging myself!


My treat began as soon as I entered the building, the Spa is so well designed that it feels like a sanctuary, even in the reception area, where I sat, looking out into the shady garden with its majestic labyrinth, perusing the brochure I felt relaxed. From the reception I was lead through the garden (already lulled into a dream-like state) and into my own private cabana, which was a treat in itself; with its own private bathroom and changing area, laid out with towels and robes and slippers, I slipped out of my clothes and into a soft white robe, ready for the pampering to begin….

I was to have the Cygalle Healing Spa Regenerating Lift facial with an application of high frequency, which promises to leave your skin feeling ‘silky smooth resulting in dramatically younger looking skin,’ I lay down dreaming of looking like an eighteen year old again! What ensued was 90 minutes of sheer bliss, my feet, legs, hands and arms were all massaged and moisturized and my face was treated to a series of cleansing and face masks and hot towels, as well as the application of high frequency which I could really feel the affects of! I don’t want to give too much away about the actual experience itself, but suffice to say that afterwards my skin really did look younger and even now over a week later my skin still looks fantastic!

For more information visit the Cygalle Healing Spa Section on the new Casa de Campo website here