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TECK Furniture Store in La Romana known for its unique designs has a cool new look. Their teak bed comes attached to the wall with no feet underneath! The hand-carved structure is custom-made to fit your wall and ideal bed size. A supportive backrest makes reading in bed a breeze and built-in side tables means you don’t have to shop around for matching furniture. 

Simplifying your bedroom decor is the fastest way to finding peace and escaping the realities of everyday life. When designed correctly, a bedroom is a cozy sanctuary and your own personal retreat. The modern design by TECK makes sweeping or vacuuming under the bed a no-hassle task, and the warm, earthy color of teak wood creates a welcoming environment. Teak is also extremely durable and dense, and two of its major benefits are that it moderates heat and is naturally moisture resistant. Living in a tropical climate, these factors are added comforts in quality sleeping!

Teak bed at Teck RD

Shop TECK Furniture Store in La Romana for this new design and hit the hay in a cool, new way!


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