TECK Furniture Store La Romana

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Marc Olivier, who has been living in Casa de Campo for over 15 years, is the community’s go-to craftsman for handmade, one-of-a-kind furniture. The owner of TECK Furniture in La Romana sources many of his products from Java, one of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, and designs his own. Having built a longstanding friendship and working relationship with the local craftsman, Marc sells pieces unique to the culture of Indonesia. This makes him very popular among Casa de Campo’s elite because the charm of luxury properties in Casa de Campo is built not only from their lush surroundings, but also by how well they are decorated. 

TECK Furniture Store La RomanaTECK has an abundance of outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as key decorating pieces. They house some of the most intricate items, from small wooden statues to elaborate hand-carved archways. The archways are typical of Indonesian style with delicate florals and can be customized according to size. Choose from an array of dining and seating options, anywhere from wicker patio furniture to a 17 foot banquet table! Made of suar, a tropical rain tree, this table is extremely strong and resistant to cracking. Its beautiful grain texture may be why Marc list it among his favorites.

Often guided by Casa de Campo’s natural environment, TECK’s furniture reflects the landscape and elements. A wave bench, designed by Marc and made in the La Romana workshop, can be found in many colors and makes for a cool, backyard accent. You’ll also come across bar stools with palm tree accents, sun mirrors, and suspended umbrellas. Marc is particularly excited about his new, exclusive umbrella design –  which is easy to operate and can withstand heavy winds.

TECK is known for combining culture with modern themes. A tree-branch coffee table is an excellent companion to a contemporary sofa, and a jacuzzi cut and hollowed out from rock with a smooth and polished finish is just the statement piece for a luxury terrace.

If it’s all modern, it’s missing life. Just adding a unique piece makes all the difference. For me, it’s more fun to do completely out of the ordinary.”

– Marc Olivier, Owner of TECK

TECK Furniture Store La Romana

Visit TECK Furniture Store in La Romana to view their complete collection on display, order a customized piece, or repair your existing villa furniture. Unlike other furniture stores, you won’t find the attention to detail and hand-made crafts anywhere besides TECK!

See more of TECK in the gallery below, taken by Laura Perdomo:

TECK Furniture

Teck Furniture logoLocation: Padre Abreu 56, La Romana Opening Times: 9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm Tel: (809) 813-3517 Facebook: Teck RD