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What better time to give a change to your home than now when we close a year and we are on the eve of starting a new one. It is always important to make changes, not only in our personal lives, but also in our surroundings and even more important at home, since that is where we spend a great time in our lives and it should be a space in which we feel at peace and comfortable. You do not have to change your entire house, but just including a spectacular piece will feel the change almost immediately.

Teck is the leading supplier of imported teak furniture, with the best quality in the Dominican Republic. They offer a wide variety of options in innovative outdoor and indoor furniture. Their products range from complex and exotic pieces to neat and modern items, such as: beach bed, statues, roots, sculpted panels, paintings, lamps, garden ornaments, mirrors and many unique pieces, have a variety of items and options Charming so wide that it will be difficult to buy just one or even choose the first to start.

They are manufacturers and inventors of new models that they will not find in any other part of the market, they count with a showroom of 2000 m2, with unique pieces, giving the best guarantee in the teak and in its majority imported.

If any of your pieces have been damaged by inclement weather, rough winds, sunlight, or old age, don’t hesitate to seek out their services. In Teck you can also find a renovation workshop where they will help you to give your furniture a unique touch, giving it new colors and customize it as best you agree, thus creating a different environment to your home. Here you can find the most excellent repair and renovation service, which makes your furniture come back as new or with a style and the termination of your preference, with the best cost.

With more than 18 years of experience in the market, providing quality, exclusivity in each of its pieces, with the best capacity and skills in recovery of items that I thought was lost, which translates into a guaranteed investment and durability of the pieces. Visit the store firsthand to see their merchandise in person, and now it’s easier than ever— they’ll send a taxi! Forget the hassle of driving in town, with TECK, getting there, transporting your furniture and acquiring new pieces is easier than ever!


Location: Padre Abreu 56, La Romana

Opening Times: 9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm

Tel: (809) 813-3517

Facebook: TECK RD