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Rodrigo Huerta Quesada is a teenager from Santiago de los Caballeros who is becoming a promise in Dominican golf. At just 16 years old, he is proving that age is not a barrier to achieving great success in the world of golf.

Huerta, currently in the third year of high school, is an example of dedication and passion for golf. His story begins in a picturesque way, with his grandfather taking him to the golf course on Saturdays, where he initially enjoyed driving the cart. Over time, his interest transformed into a genuine passion for the game.

At 16, he has already excelled in the 15-18 age category, winning several national titles and positioning himself as a formidable competitor on the international stage. But what truly defines Rodrigo is not just his skills on the field but his humility and focus on the values instilled by golf.

In an exclusive interview for Casa de Campo Living, the young golfer, who resides at Casa de Campo with his father, Roberto Huerta; stepmother, Bienchy Sánchez; and siblings, shared his perception of golf, describing it as a “very complex and demanding sport, both physically and mentally.” Beyond being a sport, Huerta emphasizes how golf has helped him grow as a person, instilling fundamental values such as integrity and honesty. Moreover, golf has provided him with the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

When asked about his future goals, he expressed his desire to attend a university in the United States with a strong golf program. While the idea of becoming a professional player crosses his mind, he is currently focused on enjoying the process and concentrating on college golf.


Regarding his training, Huerta reveals that he started playing seriously at the age of 7 and has not stopped practicing since then. His successes in junior tournaments are notable, becoming the National Champion in his category at the age of 8 and becoming the youngest National Junior Champion at 14.

A pesar de sus numerosos logros, él prefiere no enfocarse en las victorias, sino en el arduo trabajo detrás de cada éxito. “No me gusta mucho hablar de esto”, dice modestamente. “Creo mucho en el trabajo duro, y los premios que he acumulado hasta el momento no reflejan los callos que llevo en las manos”.

Despite his numerous achievements, he prefers not to focus on victories but on the hard work behind each success. “I don’t like to talk about this much,” he modestly says. “I believe a lot in hard work, and the awards I have accumulated so far do not reflect the calluses on my hands.”

Currently, he is preparing to participate in the US Kids Caribbean in Punta Cana and the Latin American Amateur Championship in Panama, the highest competition he has qualified for so far.

When asked about his inspirations, Huerta mentioned Brooks Koepka, admiring his killer instinct in crucial moments. He also highlighted the support he has received from the country through the Dominican Golf Federation, emphasizing the importance of federative aid in the development of young golfers.

Huerta also envisions a bright future for Dominican golfers, given the individual nature of the sport and the abundance of golf courses in the country. He is optimistic that in the coming years, we might see a Dominican with a PGA Tour card.

Casa de Campo Support

Casa de Campo, a place huerta considers a turning point in his career, has played a fundamental role in his development. He expresses gratitude to Robert Birtel and Manuel Relancio for opening doors for him, emphasizing the privilege of saying “Teeth of the Dog is my home course.”

Manuel Relancio, besides being the coach of the Dominican team for various important competitions, is a great friend to Rodrigo. He attributes much of his success to him and acknowledges the positive influence he has had on his development as a golfer.

Rodrigo Huerta Quesada represents not only a developing talent in Dominican golf but also an example of humility, dedication, and values. As he continues his ascent in the world of golf, it is evident that his future promises to shine with even more achievements and successes.