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Vertical Image Papa Jacks ReviewLocated in the heart of Altos de Chavón, Papa Jack’s has always been a great spot to meet up with friends. So when we were invited to try some of their signature dishes we jumped at the opportunity to go and were sure to call our friends to share in the experience.

We started with hummus served with toasted pita bread. It was delightfully creamy, having a perfect not-dense texture and a note of sourness. It was very authentic and tasty and perfect for snacking and sharing. Pan stirred sea bass tacos formed our next dish, and man were they tender! The bass was nicely seasoned with herbs and spices bringing a lot of flavor to the dish and not overpoweringly. It was served among fresh bell peppers and became a light, appetizing treat.

Another easily shareable dish made its way to our table… Goat cheese croquetas! Who would have thought goat cheese would work so well as a breaded croquetas?! Crispy on the outside and soft melted cheese on the inside…yum! It was served in a delicious guava-based sauce whose sweetness brought an added element and contrast to the slightly salty goat cheese. We highly recommend it.

Goat Cheese Croquetas Papa Jacks Review

Next up, came time for a little bit of Greece! Chicken kebabs, Greek-style with Tzatziki! Tzatziki is a combination of a yogurt base infused with herbs and garlic and added cucumbers. Extremely refreshing, the Tzatziki worked mouthwateringly well with grilled chicken, and came served with crunchy sweet potato chips. Indeed, this dish was my personal favorite.

Steak and Fries Papa Jack's ReviewA sea bass steamed in vegetable curry was the next to-die-for dish that was also very tender. Soaked in many curry flavors, the sea bass had a pleasant aroma and melted ever so smoothly in the mouth. Served with grilled vegetables, it tops in at a wonderful healthy option for lunch or dinner.

For those who can’t do without steak, we quite have to agree! Considered the king of the meal, not many dinners are trumped by a well-prepared steak. Papa Jack’s added their secret steak sauce which supplied a creamy texture. Then there were the fries! No one says no to fries, and especially not these crispy, seasoned additions. Overall, Papa Jack’s offers a new way to look at bar food, supplying a variety of meat, fish, and healthy alternatives. We encourage you to hop over there yourself and enjoy all they have to offer!

A big thanks to Laura Perdomo for the appetizing pictures:

Papa Jack’s Bar

Papa JacksWhere: Altos de Chavón Plaza Tel: (809) 951-1515 Open daily: 10am – late Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PapaJacksChavon Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/papajackschavon/