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Prison Break’s Amaury Nolasco joins us again for New Years in Casa de Campo

Amaury Nolasco Casa de Campo

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Amaury Nolasco Casa de Campo

Handsome Prison Break actor Amaury Nolasco loves Casa de Campo, not only did he just join us to celebrate New Years Eve in Casa de Campo for a second year running

-but we also spotted him last year during “Semana Santa” – at the party at the Marina Casa de Campo (photos here) and doing the “Harlem Shake” at Palmilla (video here).

Amaury Nolasco Casa de Campo

As chronicled on his Instagram (@amaurynolasco), the gorgeous star, who stayed in an oceanside apartment in the Marina Casa de Campo, certainly had a great time partying in Casa de Campo.

As we can see from his Instagram photos, Amaury Nolasco joined the New Years Eve at sea – Palmillaso party – at palmilla, partying alongside good friends, and some very good looking ladies.

Later he headed out onto the Plaza Portofino in the Marina Casa de Campo where with family and friends he welcome the New Year at the Marina Casa de Campo party with Fernando Echavarria & La Familia André.

And to end the evening he reunited with his boat party friends and ladies and partied through till dawn at Minitas Beach.

Happy New Year Amaury Nolasco – we hope to see you back here soon!

The following images (and those above), were taken from the Instagram of Amaury Nolasco (@amaurynolasco) of his good times in Casa de Campo over the new year 2013-2014:  

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