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Se fue la luz! Power outage tomorrow

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Power OutageWith all progress there has to come a small period of discomfort… and as work progresses on the Casa de Campo second main entrance, tomorrow we will have a power outage across some parts of the Casa de Campo resort.

Fortunately the power outage will happen during the day, so unlike our friends in the above image we won’t be spending the night in the dark, and you have to admit that the impending opening of the new entrance is certainly worth just a few hours without electricity – after all you don’t need electricity to enjoy the beach, sunbathe by the pool and play golf etc.

Power Outage


Main Entrance, Casa de Campo Gas Station (Sunix), Shooting Center, Las Cañas I, II, Barranca Este, Tennis Villas, Villas Las Terrazas, Los Tamarindos, Las Toronjas, Vivero I (from 37 to 52 and from 59 to 73), Bomba Vivero II, Mangos 11-A, Las Cerezas, La Romana Country Club, El Ingenio, Los Almendros, Las Palmas, El Valle. Shooting Range 1 and 2, Telecable, Barranca Oeste, El Molino, Barranca (8 to 19, and 23 to 47), Tennis Villas Court, T.V. System, Claro, Viva, Río Arriba, Batey Norte and Batey Sur, Boca Chavón, Talleres Campos de Golf IV, Las Lomas, Villa Colina, Río Mar, Vista Chavón, Altos de Chavón School of Design, The Efficiencies, Altos de Chavón Amphitheater, Las Colinas, Vista de Altos, Treatment Plant, Los Altos Office and Altos de Chavón.

When: 9am – 3pm, Wednesday February 25th

Contact: Costasur hotline ext. 5115 / 5119

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