If there is something that comes to mind when we think of the greatest New Year’s Eve parties… that’s the bubbly! Ever flowing, ever delicious and the staple to commemorate the celebration of a year past and the one to come. This year, we are so excited to have picked out our own bubbly for NYE that we just have to share it with our Casa de Campo friends. In looking for a sparkling wine that was both modern but held to impeccable excellence standards, we found Foss Marai and its line of excellent spumanti which are making a debut in Casa de Campo and the Dominican Republic this Winter.

Foss Marai is representative of the Italian wine excellence and it is one of the best expressions of international sparkling wines production. Charles Biasiotto with his family has led Foss Marai to play a prestigious role as a leading company and national and international ambassador of Italian sparkling wine. It’s a line of family, tradition, quality … and excellent competitive pricing!

So let’s start with the basics…Spumanti you say? What happened to champagne?

Not all sparkling wines are champagne. The only sparkling wines that are actually champagnes are the ones that come from the region of Champagne in France. Everything else is sparkling wine.

Different countries have different names for their sparkling wine. Spain calls their wine Cava, Italy calls theirs Prosecco, and you might also see Spumante. The latter which is the case for Foss Marai, given that the brand’s home is in the beautiful Italian countryside of Guia and Valdobbiadene. ‘Spumante’ simply means ‘sparkling wine’ in Italian and the word doesn’t identify sweetness level or type of grapes used. Foss Marai does have its own Prosecco, but with so much to choose from we thought we should present a little variety for you.

Which bottle should I choose?

We find Foss Marai varieties to have something for every taste and palate. Here are our top picks:

Grand Brut Roos

If you are looking for a great looking bottle which can serve as a gift to the hostess of a party you have been invited to, but that can also work well for treating guests at your own party, this is it! This bottle is extremely easy to enjoy, even for the most demanding palates. The color is bright and pink, and amongst the flavors you will find evident hints of wild berries. Although the first taste will be full of character and powerful, the flavors transform into a fresh and fragrant combination which is elegant and refined. We would recommend this bottle for starting off a fresh seafood meal (great for lobsters!) or to have with creamy cheeses, chocolates or berries. This is the bottle you should bring to any party!

Cuvé Surfine Brut

This blend is award-winning, quite literally, as it has been awarded gold medals in all contests of its kind. It is unique and not able to be matched. The flavors of peaches and wild flowers are perfectly paired with the subtle hints of Sauvignon Blanc. It is very well balanced and reminds us a bit of the flavors of Prosecco but a lot more subtle. It’s great for Italian meals, perfect for pairing canapés, fresh fish and charcuterie. Our favorite way to drink this is with strong cheeses!

Strada di Guia 109

This is Foss Marai’s Prosecco or more formally, Valdobbiadene Prosecco – Superiore D.O.C.G. Extra Dry. You can expect this bottle to meet all the strict standards or the prosecco line. The aroma of fresh fruits, grapes, green apple, pineapple and even banana make this a perfectly balanced prosecco. Looking at the glass you can see a real show of bubbles popping and jumping around the glass. This bottle is prepared with a careful selection of grapes from the hills of Guia and is ideal for a cocktail party or a fine meal.

Pop the cork… BUT WAIT, make sure you don’t waste some of that precious bubbly!

You know a party is getting good when someone shakes a bottle of bubbly, pops the bottle open and the cork flies across the room…and half the bottle of bubbly pours down the bottles neck! But let’s think about this for a second: why are we applauding when all that delicious bubbly is getting wasted?! Let’s save that for the glasses!

So what is the right way to do it? You should take the top wrapper off, loosen the cork a bit with your thumb, with your other hand turn the bottle around, turn the cork lightly when you feel the cork’s pressure, wipe the bottle’s neck and serve!

Where to buy it?

Foss Marai is distributed in the Dominican Republic exclusively by Gradisco we encourage you to read the contact information below and request a catalogue and pricing. In Casa de Campo, Gradisco can take your order to your villa and coordinate a personalized order with you.

Foss Marai Spumanti

Distributed in the DR by Gradisco

For orders and delivery contact:

Rafael R. Diaz
P: 849-352-1155
P: +584143224720
Social Media: @gradiscolife, #fossmarai