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Rebecca Hughes, Alice Caslini

Now some of you may be wondering what could possibly give me the authority to write about style… after all I am the first to admit that I am not naturally stylish, and very certainly am not fashionable. However in helping to plan the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa (finals and celebration this Saturday!) I have gotten a bit of a feel for “Polo Style”, so here goes…

First of all “Polo Style” while undoubtedly unique (as is the nature of good fashion), is not so much about being hip or trendy or following the latest fashion craze (whatever that may be), it is more about classical, timeless elegance. Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken a shine to it… I am English after all! 😉

So what are some Polo Style must-haves?

1. A hat

It’s hot, it’s sunny and you’re outside, so a hat is as much as an essential as it is a style accessory. Of course we’re not talking about a baseball cap – oh no that simply won’t do, we’re talking about simple sun hats. Classic panama hats are a great option for both sexes, while a floppy wide brimmed hat is perfect for the ladies.

My personal recommendation is this one (pictured below) from Bordatique in the Marina Casa de Campo. It comes in a range of colors; white, natural, yellow, mint and fuschia, and you can get the brim embroidered with your initials – they do that in store while you wait and it looks amazing. Only US$34 each!

Bordatique wide-brimmed hat

2. Sunglasses

Again it’s sunny, so unless you went to spend the entire day squinting, you’re really going to need sunglasses. Jenny Polanco in the Marina Casa de Campo has a range of really cool wood rim ones that go with everything… but really sunglasses are so personal my only recommendation is don’t forget them!

sunglasses Jenny Polanco

3. Suitable footwear

I’ll be wearing flats, flat sandals in fact. Why? Because as glamorous as the polo will be this Saturday (and trust me it will be), it’s still polo and that means it’s on the grass so any kind of heel is really not a good idea. Although, if you simply can’t do without it, go with a pair of wedges.

Tory Burch Sandals

4. Dress to impress

OK so now this is where it gets tricky. Well first of all if it’s a formal occasion, which the finals of the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa most certainly are, then you should wear a dress. But choose carefully… it may be formal, but it’s a day event, and that means you do not want to look like you’re stepping out for a night on the town.

So how do you do formal, without being too dressy? The perfect choice is what we Brits call a “day dress”, typically characterized by a light fabric, flowing cut, not too short, not tight, possibly also in a floral print or in pastel colors. Crisp white linen is also a good choice.

polo style women

5. Accessories

I like to add a splash of statement color that brings out the details in the rest of my outfit. My current favorite place for accessories is V & A in the Marina Casa de Campo, they have incredible statement jewellery and their purses are to die for. Check out my new electric pink purse – that just happens to match perfectly with my wide-brimmed hat!

Rebecca Hughes Casa de Campo

For the boys

I really have no idea on this front… my sources and research indicate that men at polo look great in light slacks and shirts, and that those who dare to add a bow tie and a jacket really stand out from the crowd.

polo style men

My own Polo Style

OK so as I said, I’m certainly no expert, but here are a few examples from my own wardrobe:

1. Bright pink halter neck top over high waisted black and white pants (Cabana, La Romana Country Club) – topped with my new favorite wide-brimmed hat (Bordatique, Marina Casa de Campo).

Rebecca Hughes Casa de Campo

2. Green maxi dress (Cabana, La Romana Country Club), bright pink faux-coral necklace (Jenny Polanco, Altos de Chavón) and yes my new favorite wide-brimmed hat (Bordatique, Marina Casa de Campo).

Rebecca Hughes Casa de Campo

3. Simple white dress by Jenny Polanco with statement colorful accessories also from Jenny Polanco, complimented with a cute belt I found lying around. [Again I would also add my favorite wide-brimmed hat…]

Rebecca Hughes, Erika Vilain

4. And this was my “Polo Style” from last year… not a bad effort, but now that I’ve learnt a thing or two, this year’s outfit (still not selected) should be an improvement!

Rebecca Hughes Casa de Campo

It’s the place to be this Sábado Santo. #CasaLifePolo

Just check out our video for a glimpse of what’s to come:

YouTube video

Finals of the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa

WHEN: Saturday April 4th, 11am-6pm

WHERE: Casa de Campo polo fields

SPONSORED BY: Veuve Clicquot, Vinos SA, Casa de Campo, Casa de Campo Polo Club, Stella Artois, Azimut, INFINITI and SILGON.

Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa style guide

DRESS CODE: Whimsical Chic with a Touch of Polo
For the ladies think maxi dresses, wedges or flats, wide-brimmed hats, funky sunglasses and statement jewellery. For the gentlemen we’re talking shirts and slacks, and for the most stylish- light jackets and even bow ties.


11am: CasaLife / Stella Artois red carpet opening
Come strut your stuff and show off your #PoloStyle on the red carpet.

11am-2pm: Complimentary pony rides for the little ones!
You bring your little ones. we bring the ponies – fun for all the family!

12pm-2pm: A toast with Stella Artois
As one of the event sponsors, Stella Artois will be offering a round of complimentary Stellas to the first 200 people, who also get a Stella Artois Chalice to take home with them.

12pm-2pm: Live music with Chantal del Pino 

All-day: CasaLife / Stella Artois Brunch

Reserve your picnic table free of charge:

The La Cantina/CasaLife bar
The La Cantina/CasaLife bar will be open all day serving a variety of drinks and cocktails, and between 12pm-2pm there’ll be a special on mimosas!

Come eat, drink and be merry! Trattoria Pizzarelli will be serving freshly baked pizza all day! Meanwhile Lucas, everyone’s favorite Italian restaurant in La Romana, has prepared a delicious brunch menu with treats such as quiche, mini caprese salad, paninis and even cannoli!

2pm: Low goal final
The two finalists of the low goal competition will compete to be crowned the low goal champions of the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa.

2pm: Opening of The Veuve Clicquot Experience Tent
Exclusive invited guests will enjoy the days activities in unique #ClicquotStyle.

Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa divot stomping

3pm: Divot Stomping with Veuve Clicquot
All spectators are encouraged to converge on the field to stomp down the turf that has been torn up by the pony’s hooves… Everyone taking part in this fun activity will get a complimentary glass of champagne from Veuve Clicquot.

3:30pm: Paso Fino show by ADOPASO
ADOPASO, the Dominican Association of Paso Fino Horse Breeders, will be coming to Casa de Campo especially for this event, and will be bringing some of their finest Paso Finos and riders to showcase the elegance and beauty of these incredible horses.

4:30pm: High goal final
The two finalists of the high goal competition will compete to be crowned the high goal champions of the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa. 

6pm: Awards ceremony

CONTACT: SILGON (809) 523-2045 /