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The Polo Challenge Banco Progreso- AMEX Silver Cup finals return this year!

Silver Cup Finals 2016 by Mariana Heredia

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The Silver Cup finals, the second corresponding to the season of Polo Challenge 2017 will be held this Saturday, February 25, starting at 4 pm on the polo field at Casa de Campo. Last week, the Polo Challenge Sunday game had to be postponed due to heavy rain, and the match between Lechuza Caracas and La Potranca that was scheduled for that day was played on Monday at Los Establos. Lechuza, the only undefeated team so far, won again, by 10-7.

Photo by Matías Callejo Polo Challenge 2017

Photo by Matías Callejo Polo Challenge 2017

Today will be the beginning of the last stage of the Silver Cup. There will be two games, one played at Los Establos: La Potranca vs. Sebucan-HPA and the other at Casa de Campo: Cinque Terre vs. Casa de Campo, both games at 4pm. Tomorrow, Friday 24th, will see Lechuza vs. Casa de Campo at Lechuza Caracas RD at 4pm. These games will define who will play in the subsidiary finals on Saturday at 2pm, which will be followed by the Silver Cup Finals at 4pm.


Silver Cup Finals 2016 by Mariana Heredia

This event will begin with the interpretation of the national anthem by the Municipal band of La Romana. Then during the half time, the public will enjoy a beautiful and colorful carnival parade. In the end, the awards ceremony will take place where the winners of the Silver Cup will be crowned followed by an after polo show to close the evening with live music until 8pm sponsored by American Express. Facundo Méndez, Vice President of the Global Services Network in Latin America commented: “We are pleased to join Banco del Progreso and participate in the DR Polo Challenge 2017, with the aim of enabling our cardmembers to live the best experiences. At American Express, we constantly seek opportunities in which our customers can live their passions and make them happen, as well as enjoy the extraordinary service that characterizes us.”


Silver Cup Finals 2016 by Mariana Heredia

Next week on March 4 will be the first game of the Gold Cup, the fourth of the series, which will run until March 25th. The final cup of this season will be the Caribbean Open which will be held in April of this year.

Game schedule

Thursday, February 23rd
Los Establos, 16 hs.
La Potranca vs. Sebucan-HPA

Casa de Campo 16 hs.
Cinque Terre vs. Casa de Campo

Friday, February 24th

Caracas RD, 16 hs
Lechuza vs. Casa de Campo

Silver Cup Finals


When: Saturday, February 25th

Where: Casa de Campo Polo Fields

What:  2pm Subsidiary Finals; 4pm Copa de Plata Final

Lechuza Winner of the Polo Challenge Banco Progreso- AMEX Silver Cup!

As the Dominican Republic celebrated its Independence Day this past Saturday, the four final teams of the Polo Challenge RD Silver Cup: Los Establos, Los Samanes, Agualinda, and Lechuza joined the Casa de Campo polo fields for the Copa Banco del Progreso – American Express. Read more here. 

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