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After conducting yet another ultra un-scientific poll, its become clear that our readers love Thai Food.  When asked what kind of cuisine they would most like to see added to the roster of restaurants in Casa de Campo, Thai food was the clear winner, with Indian and “Light Cuisine” coming in second and third place, respectivly.

  • 81%    –  Thai
  • 63%    –  Indian
  • 45%    –  Light Cuisine
  • 27%    –  Greek
  • 9%      –  Dominican 
  • 9%      –  Middle Eastern
  • 9%      –  German
  • 0%      –  Cuban
  • 0%      –  Kosher

So if your feeling the need to satisfy your alter-food ego, you we can recommend a few of the Thai dishes at the Marina’s Chinois, though unfortunately they have no Pad Thai, but they do have a few yummy treats with a big bold “Thai” in the title. Also I remember seeing, but I’ll admit, never tasting, Pad Thai on the Pepperonni Menu, though now that its in my head, I belive it is time to sacrifice myself and provide our loyal readers with a proper review. The Kitchen at Papa Jacks, whoes menu changes regularly, also typically has a few Thai inspired dished.

On the Indian front, there is a delicious chicken curry salad on the lunch menu at the Beach Club by Le Cirque. While I know this is not really Indian food, its about as close as it gets – with one notable exception… The kitchen at Papa Jacks, in Altos de Chavon.  Chef Carlos Rosario, is a master at whipping up something fresh and inspiring – and Indian food, while not a regular fixture on the menu, if you ask nicely Chef Carlos will gladly prepare something with enough authenticity to provide you with your curry fix for at least a few days.

Light cuisine is difficult to find in Casa de Campo. Aside from salads, the there is little in the way of light cuisine to be found – its sadly not a priority, comfort foods are the big sellers. Salads tend to be big monster affairs with too much dressing and condements. A few notable dishes can however be found at Pepperonni, the Beach Club by Le Cirque, Limoncello and Chinois.

As for greek, the only thing I’ve seen to date, is a delicious Greek salad at Limoncello. This has indeed satisfied multiple crazings for me over the years.

This particular poll was open to multiple options per voter, though only one time per voter, which is why the number add up to 242%. In all fairness these results are based on a very small sample size and are intended to be more fun and informative than accurate, though we still believe there to be some truth in the results.