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This past Saturday June 18th, La Piazzetta hosted their first “Wine and Pleasures” night. Also know as “paradise on earth” for those of us wine lovers! The tasting was organized by Argentinian wine publication, Pleasures Time, who wanted to bring friends and wine distributors from all over the world here to Casa de Campo.

Over 200 varieties of wine and even some spirits were available during the tasting, and I could not think of a better reward to the end of the week than a evening full of wine and friendship. I was not alone; many guests gathered at the beautiful and cozy terrace of La Piazzetta.

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While catching Altos de Chavon’s evening breeze, I and my fellow wine lovers, tasted a wide variety of wines from France, Italy and Spain. With all the possibilities, I found it very difficult to make a selection! That’s where Casa de Campo’s sommelier, Simone Pinton, and representative of Pleasures Time’s Claudia Quintanilla offered their much needed help and knowledge.

We started our wine and pleasures celebration with light rosé and white Spanish sparkling wine, which was delightfully refreshing. We moved along to an Italian full bodied Bellini Chiatti with strong earthy flavors and hint of blueberries. It was my personal favorite of the evening; I completely fell in love with it.

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But wait, there’s more! We had a chance to try Romanian Grappa named Dracula, and it was a spirit with a strong bite! For now only available in the UK, the Highland Harvest Organic Scotch I was fortunate enough to taste came with notes of hay, honey and apricot. That was a real treat.

La Piazzetta, know for it’s fabulous antipasti buffet did not disappoint us with a great selection of cheese, cold cuts, and terrifically delicious pasta salad, freshly baked bread and so much more to snack with on with our wine! We heard an inside rumor that the next Wine and Pleasures event will take place in Casa de Campo in August! Don’t miss this excellent evening outdoors.

Photos provided by Denisse Ulerio’s Facebook.

La Piazzetta’s New Summer Schedule & why you should dine there!

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As is tradition at this time of the year, La Piazzetta will be closing during the week and opening just on the weekends, from Thursday through Sunday. As the high season approaches, the restaurant will reopen again during the week. Here’s several reasons to go…Read more here!


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